DRC: Security Roads Aiding UPDF In Crushing ‘Pigs’ Completed

DRC: Security Roads Aiding UPDF In Crushing ‘Pigs’ Completed

By Spy Uganda

The construction and rehabilitation of security roads to facilitate troop deployment, logistics movement and a traffic flow from Bukakati to River Semuliki were completed by the close of last week. The joint ground forces have since commenced “advance to contact” as well as continued air and artillery strikes on newly identified enemy positions, especially in Beni and Ituri provinces.

These have been revealed via a joint statement by Uganda’s UPDF and DRC’s FARDC issued on 20th December 2021.

The statement reveals that in Beni, the joint ground forces launched operations at kilometre point 51, near the Semuliki river after intense bombardments at enemy positions located at Kambi Ya Jua, Tondoli and Kahinama.


”On 20th December 2021, they encountered and overran an ADF splinter force South West of Kambi Ya Jua killing two terrorists and capturing one PK machine gun with 300 rounds of live ammunition. Unfortunately, one UPDF soldier got injured, has stabilized and is out of danger,” states statement.

The Forces add that In Ituri, the artillery shelling and aerial bombardments carried out by the two forces destroyed the ADF strongholds, particularly in Madina 3, Bantonga, Kitumba and Mulangu. ”There is also increased intensity of mobile operations to deny the ADF also known as Madinat Twahaheed Mujahideen/Islamic State which is now on the run and scattered from escape.”


In addition, the Forces add that search and cleaning up operations continue in the areas of; Makeke, Makumbo and Makumo, on the Makeke-Biakato axis along with the national road No. 4, to ensure the marauding terrorists are captured and restoration of peace and stability. Further, the joint forces have proven ascendancy over the areas previously held by the enemy.

In order to consolidate the results of operations, FARDC and UPDF have called on the Congolese population to line up behind the coalition, to remain vigilant and urge them to denounce the ADF so as to deny them freedom of action and movement.

”To strengthen the operations, FARDC appointed Major General Camille Bombele to coordinate with his Ugandan Counterpart operations between operational sectors Sukola1 far North and Ituri,” adds the statement, ”Additionally, the two commanders Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga -UPDF and Maj Gen Camillle Bombele- FARDC held an operational review meeting at the joint forces Forward Operating Base across River Semuliki and agreed on a plan to step-up operations in the different sectors.”

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