DRC, Uganda Forces Use Artillery Strikes To Block Rebels From Regrouping

DRC, Uganda Forces Use Artillery Strikes To Block Rebels From Regrouping

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Monday continued to jointly attack ADF rebels as the insurgents tried to return to areas from which they had been uprooted.

Following the liberation of one of the group’s major camps in the eastern DRC, the deputy spokesman for the Ugandan military, Lt. Col. Ronald Kakurungo, said that the joint force was now working to dominate all the remaining camps.

Kakurungo said they were hitting the rebels wherever they tried to reassemble, adding: “We now are blocking them from settling anywhere in the forests. We’re making sure we aren’t giving them freedom of action. We aren’t giving the opportunity to assemble and plan attacking villages. We’re making sure that they are on the run all the time.

“We’re using advanced technical intelligence to spot the rebels whenever they try to regroup. We then use artillery and air forces to neutralize them.”


He added that the capture of the Kamb Ya Yua camp was a big achievement because it was the headquarters of ADF rebels and accommodated over 600 rebels.

The joint operation to eradicate ADF rebels started three weeks ago when the Ugandan forces shelled ADF camps in the forests of eastern DRC.

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