Education Committee Suspends Meeting Until First Lady Janet Appears To Answer Queries

Education Committee Suspends Meeting Until First Lady Janet Appears To Answer Queries

By Peter Ssebulime

The Parliamentary Committee on Education has on Tuesday suspended its meeting claiming that they want First Lady Jannet Kataha Museveni, who is also the minister for Education, to appear before them to answer some questions concerning the Makerere University saga.

The Committee meeting came to a standstill after some legislators demanded for the appearance of the Minister of education Janet Kataha Museveni, who had delegated her junior Chrysestom Muyingo to represent her.

The legslators who included Moses Kasibante, Allan Ssewanya and others requested the Committee chairman Jacob Opoloti to suspend the Committee meeting until when Minister Janet Museveni will appear.

The Minister was summoned to appear before the Committee to answer queries about matters at Makerere University which sparked off a strike that was satged by students who protested against the 15% tuition increment.

The week-long protests resulted into battles between the police and students, leaving many students nursing injuries, others hospitalised, while several were arrested and many suspended by the University Management.

However, intead of appearing before the Committee to answer some questions from the legislators, the First Lady delegated her junior minister Muyingo, whom the Committee rejected, asserting that he was not competent enough to answer the their questions, which they to ask his boss directly.

But the chairman of the Committee Opoloti told legislators that the First Lady had written to him stating that she had other engagements, thus proposing to delegate the minister of higher education Muyingo.

The Committee is however yet to designate another date on which to meet the First Lady, during which they hope to interact with her in the capacity of minister for education.

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