Embrace The Cardinal Commandments Of Loving God With All Your Heart-Museveni Preaches

Embrace The Cardinal Commandments Of Loving God With All Your Heart-Museveni Preaches

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has commended the Covenant Nations Church headed by Pastor Patience Rwabwogo for its efforts in uniting and pacifying society through preaching the gospel of reconciliation and forgiveness.

“I am glad that Patience and her group have come here to challenge you that if you are a Christian or a Muslim, why do you have these problems? Why do you turn good into bad? You get a problem between Banyoro and Baganda and yet all these places are full of churches and Cathedrals. So why do you hate each other? This is a vote of no confidence in religious groups. If you are Christians why do you hate each other. So those actions are unchristian,” he observed.

President Museveni made the remarks, at the closing ceremony of a 4-day crusade organized by the Covenant Nations Church at Kabalega Senior Secondary School in Masindi District. He was accompanied by the First Lady who doubles as Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni.


The crusade that ran under the theme: “Light up Bunyoro for Jesus” drew participants from the eight (8) districts of Bunyoro sub-region that include Masindi, Kagadi, Kiryadongo, Buliisa, Kikuube, Hoima, Kibaale and Kakumiro.

Gen. Museveni urged the congregation to embrace the cardinal commandments of loving God with all their heart, mind and body as well as loving their neighbors as they love themselves.


H.E the President also encouraged Pastors to emulate Jesus Christ by following the four dimensions of preaching the gospel, healing the sick, feeding people and hard work.

“All these dimensions sum up to one thing, lead by example. Even Jesus himself worked in the workshop of his foster father Joseph. To all Christians and non- Christians, the message is let your light so shine before men so that they see your good deeds and your father in heaven,” the Head of State advised.

“So Maama [Janet] and myself are very happy because of the work of our children; each one following the work of their interest. Patience is a farmer, an industrialist with her husband Odrek Rwabwogo. And now she is a Priest. For the first time I have a Priest in my house-Patience,” he added.


He also urged Pastors to preach against corruption to their congregations.

“These things of you forgot us, how did it happen yet you elected your leaders and they are not able to guard your heritage? The government of Uganda is like your Jajja, it apportions resources to each area, so ask yourself why do I allow thieves to steal yet you have the power to remove those leaders through the ballot,” he wondered.

On her part, the 1st Lady Maama Janet Museveni urged the people of Bunyoro to embrace the blessings of the Lord who is giving them another chance to realize their destiny of making the sub-region and Uganda in general prosperous.

“Therefore, my prayer for Bunyoro today is that you will recognize that it is the Lord who is visiting you again. He is giving you another chance to fulfil your destiny. Do not miss your visitation by being stuck in the past by wasting time, energy and resources in petty fights, blame games and unforgiveness. Choose to forgive and let go of the past so that you can receive the future God has for you,” she advised.

The 1st Lady also expressed her optimism that once the people of Bunyoro make that choice today of forgiving and forgetting the past, the Lord will restore the sub-region and make it a praise in the midst of Uganda and all the nations.

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo described the crusade as an assignment from God. She said through teaching the word of God, people’s hearts have positively transformed.

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