Enough Is Enough: Jacob Oulanyah, Kasule Lumumba Mock Kadaga After Being Dumped By NRM CEC

Enough Is Enough: Jacob Oulanyah, Kasule Lumumba Mock Kadaga After Being Dumped By NRM CEC

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Kampala: The NRM party candidate for the position of Speaker of the 11th parliament, Jacob Oulanyah and NRM Secretary-general Kasule Lumumba have cautioned Rebecca Kadaga against contesting as an independent which they say is against the party spirit and values.

On Sunday, Kadaga was dropped by the party’s top organ Central Executive Committee in favor of Oulanyah as the party flagbearer for the Speakership race.

However, Kadaga did not agree with the CEC decision and said she will contest as an independent candidate citing unfairness by her own party.


Oulanyah thus warned Kadaga against disrespecting the CEC decision saying it was endorsed by the ruling NRM party caucus.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God, listen to it, the people who sent us here spoke their voices and if we stick to that, we will be doing God’s work, a decision has been made and let’s come together and serve this country. Let’s make the parliament a people’s parliament.” Oulanyah said.


Oulanyah said it is high time Kadaga joined him to work together to deliver for Ugandans who are yearning for better service delivery.

“I am calling upon all members that we have a big task ahead. We cannot have parliament divided any further neither can we have the party divided any further. All of us should put hands together and work together to deliver for the party and the country at large, we are not here to fight amongst ourselves. We are here to stand together and work for the country. That is the purpose for which we are sent here.”  Oulanyah added

In the same vein, Justine Kasule Lumumba has said the ruling NRM party has been fair enough to allow Kadaga to serve as Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Speaker for a combined 20 years and that’s long enough to hand over to another person.


Lumumba said Kadaga is being disrespectful by claiming that the party’s top organ has not been fair.

“The party gave you two terms as deputy Speaker and two terms as Speaker. In all the four times, you went in unopposed (in the party). (artandhistory.org) If the party has taken a decision to endorse somebody else, in all fairness, don’t antagonize the party,” Lumumba said on Sunday evening at State House Entebbe.

Lumumba further noted that it is foolhardy and double standards for someone who has gone through unopposed for 20 years to claim unfairness because someone else has been endorsed in a similar fashion.

“Go and sit with the leadership of the party together with the president so you can be given other responsibilities. Let someone else be given the responsibility to lead parliament and with your experience, you would be the best adviser so that we make parliament better in serving Ugandans. If you say it must be you, then that is not the NRM spirit.” Lumumba noted.

After being dropped by the top organ of the ruling NRM party as the flag bearer for the position of speaker, Kadaga stormed out of the meeting and later address a press conference at Hotel Africana where she said there have always been deliberate efforts to have her pushed out of the race.

“The major reason I’m being pushed out is because of speaking about the issues of the ordinary people. I want to assure you people that I will continue speaking on those issues. I will continue to stand up for the rights of those who are being marginalized,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga will now face Oulanyah, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (FDC) and Richard Ssebamala in the race to become Speaker during elections by MPs set for later today at the Kololo Independence grounds.

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