Enroll Now For Quality Education And Unlock Endless Possibilities For Your Child-Says Kampala Parents School

Enroll Now For Quality Education And Unlock Endless Possibilities For Your Child-Says Kampala Parents School

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Kampala: Kampala Parents School is here set the best foundation for your children with access to a variety of educational resources and materials, including books, technology, art supplies, and educational games which enrich the learning experience and support different learning styles.

In addition to academics, Kampala parents School prioritizes the social and emotional development of the leaners  including fostering social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Further more the school offers extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and clubs allowing students to explore their interests beyond the classroom, fostering well-rounded development. And for all the above reasons Enroll your children at Kampala Parents and chill knowing your children are in the right hands.


”Enroll now for quality education, unlocking endless possibilities for your child. Contact us at +256 752 711 792” says Kampala Parents School.

Admission Requirements for the ongoing 2024 intake:


• Written Interview: Your child must take a written interview for grades P.1 – P.7.

• Documentation: You’ll need to provide a photocopy of your child’s Birth Certificate or a Child’s Immunization Card. For foreigners/non-Ugandans, a photocopy of a valid passport is necessary.

• Passport Photos: Bring 2 passport photos for your child and 1 for each parent.


• Commitment Fee: A commitment fee of UGX 100,000 will be part of the school fees.

For more information and inquiries, reach out to the school’s dedicated Admissions Office.

• Location: Kampala Parents’ School is conveniently located in Naguru, Saddler Way, Plot No. 17-25.

• Email: admin@kampalaparents.com

• Phone: +(256) 752 711911 / +(256) 752 711 914 / +(256) 752 711 792 / +(256) 752 711 913

• Website: www.kampalaparents.com

More About Kampala Parents School

Kampala Parents school has incomparable extra-curriculum activities but also its academic performance is at the required standard and this is because of the well-trained staff members who are talented in handling and disciplining pupils a key to success as evidenced by the good performance for many consecutive years.

Kampala Parents’ School boasts a rich legacy of academic excellence. They are a well-established institution with a strong reputation for nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders. Their commitment to delivering top-tier education has stood the test of time.

At Kampala Parents’ School, they blend tradition with innovation. Their modern teaching environment ensures that your child receives a well-rounded education while keeping pace with the demands of the 21st century.

KPS says they understand that every child is unique, with their own set of talents and interests. Their curriculum considers children’s creative and expressive needs, ensuring a balanced education that caters to their individual strengths.

The school’s ethos is built on communal values and the promotion of mutual respect. KPS foster an environment where boys and girls are given the independence and privacy they need to grow while instilling values that create responsible and compassionate citizens.

At Kampala Parents’ School, they value character and achievements over background. Our dedicated teaching staff recognizes and celebrates each student’s uniqueness, ensuring every child has the opportunity to shine.

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