Excitement Engulfs Rajiv & Naiya Family As Marriage Anniversary Looms

Excitement Engulfs Rajiv & Naiya Family As Marriage Anniversary Looms

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Excitement and elation has engulfed City tycoon Sudhir’s son Rajiv and wife Naiya family as they count days to step over three years in their marriage.

According to our source, the couple is expected to hold a lavish multimillion scientific marriage anniversary celebrations to remember the long way they have traveled together, the origin of their love and to celebrate the achievements they have registered ever since they met.

Rajiv Ruparelia With Wife Naiya

However, because of COVID-19 guidelines, only invited guests will attend the event and mostly the couple’s friends who have tirelessly contributed to their togetherness.


“The event will be colourful, however, few will attend due to Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines that restricts huge gatherings, otherwise only invited guests will attend mostly those with an impact on Rajiv family” a source said.

Rajiv And Wife Naiya Looking Gorgeous In Indian Outfits

Rajiv, who got married 2 years ago, is slowly coming through his father’s wings to take over management of most of the family’s — the Ruparelia Group business operation in real estate, hotels and tourism, education and insurance — running titles like Victoria University, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Speke Apartments among other businesses run by the family in Uganda.


Rajiv met Naiya, a daughter of wealthy British couple Sudheer and Rita Khagram while they were attending university in London.

Despite the challenges Mr. Sudhir was and is still going through after the closure of his bank, the Crane Bank, and the legal battle with Bank of Uganda, they didn’t deter him from splashing mega cash into his son’s party that was held at the Picturesque Country Palace in London.

The Two (Sudheer & Ruparelia ) families Pose For A photo

Who is Rajiv’s Wife Naiya?


Born in June 1990, 27-year-old Naiya is a British citizen and daughter of London billionaire Sudheer Khagram and his wife Rita. Her parents own the Boots Opticians franchises with more than 20 locations in the UK, LetchworthEyecare& Eye Xcel Ltd and they are also property developers under Golden Zones Investments with properties both in England and Scotland.

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