Farmer’s Guide: Here Is How You Should Plant & Care For Watermelon To Reap Big

Farmer’s Guide: Here Is How You Should Plant & Care For Watermelon To Reap Big

By Spy Uganda

Before planting, make sure all chances of frost have passed. Then, plant the watermelon seeds in the soil that is about three times deeper than the size of the seed and water them.

Watermelons need a lot of water, and proper drainage holes are very important. To grow watermelons you should know that it is an undemanding crop, it grows best in well-drained soils rich in organic matter.

When planting, give a distance between each seedling. The distance between crops , be in rows of about 1.5 m. away and with a separation of 1.5 m between one plant and another.

If you place the seeds on individual spaces such as a pot or growing table, remember that they have enough space for their roots to grow. Before planting the watermelon seeds, it is recommended to add compost to the soil and remove the weeds.

The favorable soil for growing watermelons is the combination of sand and clay. If it is too sticky or too heavy, the plant will not develop normally. Check the soil pH to make sure that it is between 6 to 6.8.

Irrigation is essential for the development of the plant and its fruits. We will keep the soil slightly humid, so in these conditions we will have to water every day and even twice when the heat hits.

When the watermelons begin to develop, you have to reduce the watering. Fill the pot or container with potting soil or other soilless mix, and don’t use soil from the garden. Garden dirt can become very compact and can make it difficult for watermelons to grow.

Caring for Watermelon

Ensure to provide your watermelon plant with plenty of sun and warmth and keep it out of strong winds. Keep the fruit watered regularly as watermelons need a lot of water to thrive.

Once your plant starts to grow, it will need a lot of support. Watermelons are large and heavy, and they need a stack or some type of support for their vines.

Once the actual fruit appears, you will need to provide support for it. Use a stretchy material such as a cloth or pantyhose to make a kind of bed to support the fruit.

Tie each end of the pantyhose or cloth to the main support of the watermelon. The bed will stretch as the watermelon grows. Use a water-based fertilizer once a week or a slow-release granular fertilizer once a month.

In Conclusion

Great that you now know how to grow watermelons in a small space, so, it is time to roll up your sleeves and start planting. Start from the small space in your garden or even in a pot.

Remember to choose a suitable watermelon variety that will thrive in a small space. You may want to go for smaller, more compact varieties. an accessible web community

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