Fille Dumps MC Kats

Fille Dumps MC Kats

By Samuel Opio

Musician Fille Mutoni and MC Kat’s love life has been embroiled in scandals for over 5 years.

News reaching our desk indicates that Fille and hubby MC Kats have broken up over continued cheating.

Our snoops have learnt that Kats and Fille have not been in good terms for about a month. Fille has been handling her music business affairs alone for weeks now.

However, the final nail in the coffin came when MC Kats took advantage of Fille’s absence, and went with his side dish, Shadia to Hoima during the Purple Party.

Fille, who was in Gulu for a show had planted spies in Hoima and she often received timely updates about Mc Kat’s movements.

When the news of MC Kats having a good time with Shadia landed in Fille’s ears, she could not hold her anger. She made instant phone calls to MC Kats, but he ignored her.

Furious Fille sent him messages threatening to teach him a lesson upon her return the next day.

To make it worse, Mc Kats posted a photo with Shadia and her friends on his Instagram platform, bragging how Shadia makes him smile.

He captioned the picture, “Fam, you made me smile. On this day, I had to make a final decision.”

MC Kats, who also doubled as Fille’s manager later deleted Fille’s Instagram account claiming he built it himself and has full rights over it.

It is remembered that Shadia and Kat’s affair broke to the media about a year ago despite continued denial by Mc Kats.

The two were also spotted having a good time at Nyege Nyege in Jinja in August something that did not go well with Fille.

MC Kats has been sleeping at Shadia’s apartment since his return from Hoima. an accessible web community

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