Full List: S.Sudan Gov’t Officials Targeted For Assassination Leaks!

Full List: S.Sudan Gov’t Officials Targeted For Assassination Leaks!

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Earlier this year, a list from anonymous hit social media with hundreds of names of key South Sudan government and opposition figures, allegedly targeted for assassination by the Director General of the Internal Bureau of National Security Boss.

According to our S.Sudan sources, the aim of this Gen and his group, is to tarnish President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s government as a murderous and incapable government.

”This Gen.and his networks are fighting Kiir from with in. Remember he’s the security boss. If this happens with Kiir at the helm, it shows as if he’s incapable of uniting a country,” said the source.

The source also claims, this Gen’s right hand men are responsible for staging illegal road blocks along Nimule road that links Uganda to S.Sudan and rob Ugandan traders, including killing them and later put it on rebels.

List Showing Some Names Of Officials Targeted For Assassination

”Such kind of acts heavily affect relations between President Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) and Kiir S.Sudan, whom they accuse of keeping him in power having reportedly deployed UPDF in S.Sudan,” says source adding;

“As the region is working for peaceful co-existence, some elements within S.Sudan systems are fighting to create division so they show that Kiir has failed. These are security gurus employed to offer solutions,but doing otherwise…that’s why even the urinating incident, the leakage of the clip came from within. Some people working for this same Gen are highly suspected.”

Source adds that the assassination of government officials is this Gen’s long term plans and he has so far commanded killings of a couple of officials through various means (shoot to kill or poison). ”Only President Kiir can save lives of 187 people currently being targeted by the Gen,” says source.

Below is the list of names for some people who are going to lose their precious lives any time anywhere through several means of elimination;

1. Paul Malong Awan, Opposition Leader
2. Bol Wek Agoth, Government Official
3. Gregory Vasilis Dimitry, Government Official
4. Taban Deng Gai, Government Official
5. Paul Nang Majok, Government Official
6. Rin Tueny Mabor, Government Official
7. Johnson Olony Thabo, Controversial Opposition Commander Agwelek Forces
8. James Wani Igga, Government Official
9. Kuol Manyang Juuk, Government Official
10. Obuto Mamur Mete, Government Official
11. Salva Mathok Geng, Government Official
12. Emmanuel Anthony Adil, Government Official
13. Benjamin Bol Mel, Government Official & businessman
14. Madol Arol Kachuol, Government Employee
15. Louis Lobong Lojore, Government Official
16. Nhial Deng Nhial, Government Official
17. Pagan Amum Okiech, Opposition Leader
18. Angelina JanyTeny, Government Official
19. Majak Akech Malok, Government Official
20. Aleu Ayieny Aleu, Government Official
21. Chol Thon Balok, Government Official
22. Manas Machar Bol, Government official
23. Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, Government Official
24. Bor Philip Wutchok, Government official
25. Bona Panek Biar, Government Official
26. Magok Magok Deng, Government Official
27. James Gatdet Dak, Government Official
28. Nyibango Bour Nyibango, Spiritual leader
29. Nyuol Justin Yac, Government official
30. Albino Akuei Nyong, Government Official
31. John Akot Maluth, Government Official
32. Keer Keer Kiir, Government Official
33. Ayor Akuoc Anok, Government Official
34. Mac Paul Kuol, Government Official
35. Lual Wek Guem, Government Official
36. Dr. Francis Ayul Yuar, Government Official
37. Suba Samuel Manase, Opposition Leader
38. Muorwel Majak Wol, Government Official
39. Africano Mande Gedima, Government Official
40. Dr. Malual Ayom Dor, Government Official
41. Michael Nyang Malueth, Government Official
42. James Mangong Deng, Government Official
43. Achuil Monydeng, Government official
44. Dr. Ader Machar Achiek, Civilian
45. Clement Deng Akech, Government Official
46. Francis Marial Abur, Government Official
47. Luka Lual Lok, Government Official
48. Ajou Deng Lual, Government Official
49. James Maluak Nginy, Government Official
50. Ater Mayen Kang, Government Official
51. Akol Paul Koordit, Government Official
52. Wol Lual Wol, Government Official
53. Mou Thiik Giir, Government Official
54. Yel Mayar Mareng, Government Official
55. Thiik Thiik Mayardit, Government Official
56. Akot Lual Areech, Government Official
57. Herjok Bullen Geu, Government Official
58. Emmanuel Akook Malek, Government Official
59. Chol Michael Maker, Government Official
60. Dhel Mayuol Tong, Government Official
61. Abraham Gum Agok, Government Official
62. Ajok Makom Majok, Government Official
63. Joseph Bol Agau, Opposition Member of Parliament
64. Deng Deng Thon, Government Official
65. Albino Amet Ajiek, Government Official
66. Emmanuel Arich Deng, Government Official
67. Deng Martin Mawien, Government Official
68. Bol Agany Kuur, Government Official
69. Kodi Agok Kodi, Government Official
70. Atek Lual Malou, Human Rights Activist
71. Abraham Awolich, Human Rights Activist
72. Rajab Mohandis, Activist
73. Jok Madut Jok, professor and Human Rights Activist
74. Ring Bulebek Manyiel, Human Rights Activist
75. Monychol Ajak Deng, Human Rights Activist
76. Ring Aru Mac, Government official
77. Albino Kuek Deng, Journalist
78. Dengdit Ayok Agoor, Journalist
79. Morris Mabior Awijok, Activist
80. Wol Deng Atak, Activist
81. Deng Monywiir Rehan, Opposition Figure
82. Deng Maniin, Government Official
83. Madut Ayai Deng, Government Official
84. Ajak Apan Ajak, Government employee
85. Mabior Lual Liai, Government Official
86. Anyar Agok Wol, Government Official
87. Emmanuel Yel Mayar, Government Official
88. Kuc Deng Kuc, Government Official
89. Angelo Alei Gum, member of opposition
90. Kuol Fidel Majok, Government official
91. Lual Ngeth Agany, Government Offical
92. Wani Michael Saki, Activist
93. Michael Wetnhialic Maluil, Human Rights Activist
94. Mayom Mayom Akeen, Government Official
95. Jamal Karim Abdullaziz, Journalist
96. Peter Biar Ajak, Human Rights Activist
97. Bol Bol Arech, Businessman
98. Suzanne Jambo, Opposition leader, lawyer, and human rights campaigner.
99. Grace Akon Biar, Journalist
100. Peter Pakak Pakak, Government Official
101. David Marial Gumke, Government Official
102. Mariak Madut Thiik, Political Activist
103. Gabriel Wek Jongkor, Activist
104. Wilson Wutchok Dhal, Government Employee
105. Agany Akol Manyang, Government official
106. Wutchok Jok Rual, Political Activist
107. Abraham Bang Bec, Government Official
108. Makoi Majak Luke, Activist and member of opposition group based in Kenya
109. Bush Akech Chol, Activist
110. Kuol Muor Muor, Government Official
111. James Bol Akech, Government Employee
112. Ador AkoyYuol, Activist
113. Santino Riak Maker, Journalist and a member of SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek.
114. Chol Duang Chan, Journalist and Political Activist
115. Kanybil Noon Deng, Activist
116. Diing Deng Mou, Opposition Leader
117. Achol Paul Malong, House Wife
118. Piol Awean, Government Employee
119. Tom John Ungida, Opposition member
120. Akoch Dut Akeen, Government Official
121. Anei Paul Malong, Member of Opposition
122. Garang Paul Malong, Member of Opposition
123. Kuel Aguer Kuel, politician
124. Garang Makom Ding, soldier, former bodyguard of Paul Malong
125. Parek Maduot Bol, Government official
126. Luka Wek Lual, civilian
127. Peter Gatjang, soldier but wrongfully dismissed
128. Kharbino Kom Aru, Businessman
129. Keer Kuek Kuol, Activist
130. Keluel Agok Kuc, Activist
131. Soro Wilson, Activist
132. John Bol Mayuek, Political Activist
133. Zechariah Makuach Maror, Activist
134. Larson Angok Garang, Artist
135. Ajak Mayen Thuc, businesswoman
136. Chan Kon Amoi, Government Employee
137. Francis Mayen Deng, Government Official
138. Lt. Col Bak Bol Bak, Government official
139. Robert Anei Salva Mathok, Government Official
140. Atem Akech Atem, Civilian
141. Paul Mayom Abol, Government Official
142. Aguer Mathiang Magoordit, civilian
143. Dr. Achol Marial Achol, Opposition member
144. Geng Agok Wol, Civilian
145. Gen. Chan Garang Lual, former rebel leader
146. Anyar Agok Wol, Government official.
147. Majak Agok Wol, Civilian
148. Makol Madhang Madhang, civilian
149. Wol Chan Bol, Government Official
150. Lino Ajang Ajang, former rebel leader
151. Batrus Dinyo Garang, Government Official
152. Gum Deng Magok, Government Official
153. Ayii Akol Manyang, Government Official
154. Madut Magok Magok, NGO Employee
155. Mathiang Majak Bath, Government Employee
156. Jima Kenyi Luote, Government Official
157. John Mabior Malek, Humanitarian worker
158. Daniel Madit Malek, Government Employee
159. John Mayik Bath, Government official
160. James Thon Atem, Political Activist
161. David Deng Chapath, activist members of opposition
162. Gai Marek Kur, civilian
163. Makuei Aguer Adel, Government Official
164. Deng Chol Ajuer, Government Official
165. Albino Angok Ater, Government Employee
166. Mayom Manyok Magoordit, Government Employee
167. Deng Aguer Adel, Government Official
168. Yol David Majur, civilian/opposition member
169. Deng Mou Mawien, civilian
170. Ater RinTueny, Pilot
171. Deng Telar Ring, civilian
172. Yar Telar Ring, Government official
173. Auar Lino Garang, Civilian
174. Akuwel Manuer Magoordit, Government Employee
175. Akot Mathiang Aruop, Government Official
176. Reech Thiel Reech, Government Employee
177. Deng Manuer Magoordit, Government Employee
178. Samuel Lueth Mou, Government Official
179. Maguek Manuer Magoordit, Government Employee
180. Machar Achien Angok, Civilian
181. Paul Mayom Kur, civilian
182. Santino Gum Deng, Government official
183. Malok Deng Ater, civilian
184. Chan Adim Adim, Government Employee
185. Santino Garang, Government Employee
186. Dhieu Kuenrou, Government Employee
187. Robert Wani, businessman


 Here are the names of some people who have already been eliminated;


1. Kerubino Wol Agok, businessman killed
2. Abraham Majak Maliap Government official shoot dead
3. Dau Makoi Keer, Government official caught and killed
4. Telar Ring Deng, Government official poisoned
5. Betrus Bol Bol, Government official poisoned
6. Abraham Deng Wol, Government official poisoned
7. Emmanuel Ading Deng, Government Official poisoned to kill secrets he has
8. Chimiir Bol Chimiir, Government Employee followed and murdered
9. Mou Mou Akuol, Government official
10. Paulino Lukudu Loro, Bishop poisoned
11. James Ajongo Mawut, Government Official poisoned
12. Lual Majok Kuot, Government official shot dead.
13. Captain Lino Cirong Makuau, Government poisoned
14. Machar Mabior Parek, Government Employee kidnapped and murdered
15. Akech Piol, activist kidnapped and killed
16. Isaiah Diing Abraham, Journalist kidnapped and killed
17. Dong Samuel Luak, Human Rights Activist kidnapped and murdered
18. Agrey Idriss Ezbon, Political Activist kidnapped and murdered
19. Yai Mabior Liapwel, medical doctor
20. Bol Deng Miyen, Political Activist followed and shot dead
21. 1st Lt. Wol Akachak, Government Official imprisoned and poisoned.
22. Modi Peter Julius, Journalist followed and murdered
23. Diing Chol Dau, Medical Doctor murdered
24. Eng. Adurahaman Sule, shot dead inside his house
25. Bol Dak Gatwech, imprisoned and poisoned
26. Emmanuel Lado caught and murdered with several others and put in mass graves in Juba and sorrounding areas especially in conflict affected areas. Watch the space..


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