GAFCON Conference: ”We Nolonger Recognize Your Homosexual Archbishop”-Kaziimba ‘Curses’ Canterbury, ‘Blesses’ Museveni

GAFCON Conference: ”We Nolonger Recognize Your Homosexual Archbishop”-Kaziimba ‘Curses’ Canterbury, ‘Blesses’ Museveni

By Spy Uganda

The most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu who is the Archbishop of Church of Uganda has made it clear that they no longer recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby over his shameless acts supporting and promoting homosexuality in the church. 

”We have recognized that the Archbishop of Canterbury has abdicated his historic place as the “First among Equals” among the Primates and Churches of the Anglican Communion, and we no longer recognize him as our leader,” Kaziimba told journalists at a press conference that concluded the the fourth Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) held in Rwanda this week.

More than 1300 people attended the conference from 52 countries. Uganda had 207 delegates registered and was the third largest delegation at the conference, after the United States and Nigeria. The Church of Uganda represented 16% of the delegates.

The conference theme was taken from John 6.68 – “To Whom shall we go?” We heard that we first go to Jesus who has the words of eternal life and then we go to the world with the message of Salvation through Jesus.

Kazimba says the Church of England’s General Synod decision to provide prayers of blessing for same-sex unions and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s enthusiastic support for it are decisions that can’t be recognized and have resulted in breaking fellowship between the Anglicans and the Church of England.

”We believe the Cairo Covenant, developed by the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans, provides a much needed and ready-made alternative church structure for such a time as this. The Church of Uganda has adopted the Cairo Covenant and encourages all Bible-believing Provinces to study it and do the same,” said Kaziimba.

The Archibishop says at the conference, they reaffirmed commitment to Resolution 1.10 from the 1998 Lambeth conference that declared “homosexual practice is incompatible with Scripture,’ and advised against the ‘legitimising or blessing of same sex unions.”

”All 1300 delegates from 52 countries supported this historic position of global Anglicanism,” says Kaziimba who has since hailed President Museveni for considering the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that Parliament sent to him at the end of last month.

The bill has been returned to Parliament for “improvements.”

”The Church of Uganda appreciates the President’s consideration of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and his desire to improve it. We are praying that its return to Parliament will produce an even better Bill that serves and protects all Ugandans,” said Kaziimba adding;

”We appeal to Parliament and the President to re-draft the Bill to create legislation that provides greater protection for children and youth from grooming and trafficking, and provides restrictions on promotion of LGBTQ+ relationships, and restrictions of those convicted of sexual offenses to be employed in organizations that work directly with children.”

Kaziimba preaches that for those who have been caught up in the lies of homosexuality, fornication, and adultery, ”God wants to set you free from the bondage of those lies. Know that this Easter season – and the Easter season lasts for 50 days – Jesus is risen to empower you to be free from those lies and from those sins. ( It is possible to have that freedom because Jesus has given us the victory.” an accessible web community

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