Gen.Mohoozi Is Too Busy For Your Tumultuous & Palokaas Behavior-Mukasa Mbidde Warns  ‘Busy Buddy’ Male Mabirizi As Court Adjourns Case To August 22

Gen.Mohoozi Is Too Busy For Your Tumultuous & Palokaas Behavior-Mukasa Mbidde Warns ‘Busy Buddy’ Male Mabirizi As Court Adjourns Case To August 22

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Pick your dictionary and enter Fred Mukasa Mbidde’s class!

Palookas: a stupid, clumsy, or uncouth person

Tumultuous: making an uproar or loud, confused noise

The Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi has Monday morning informed the ‘private’ prosecutor Male Mabirizi that he no longer has any role in the case he filed against former UPDF Land Forces and 1st son Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba in 2022.

Court told Mabirizi in absentia that his case had been taken over by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and as a result, he can only appear as a witness.
Court also discovered that Mabirizi using some ‘trickery means’ managed to make amendments to the file by adding more persons; Hon.Mawanda Micheal Muranga, Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, Barugahara Balaam Ateenyi, Hon.Kabanda David, Nuwagira Micheal, Kaguta Alias Toyota, Lillian Aber and Katungi Micheal.
As a result of the above, Court today pushed the matter to 22nd August 2023 when it will be heard at the High Court which will also allow amendment in the chargesheet for those who were added illegally since Buganda road court has no powers to do so.
Later speaking to journalists outside the courtroom, lead Counsel for Gen Muhoozi, Fred Mukasa Mbidde noted that when they got instructions from Gen Muhoozi to take over this case, they applied to the Chief Magistrates Court at Buganda Road to have the case transferred from KCCA court, ”from the hands of those that had recklessly agreed upon the files and the floricsomeludic Mabirizi.”

Mbidde warned Mabirizi to stop staggering on people who are working sleeplessly to take the country forward. ”Despite the fact that the amendments by Mabirizi were even laughable, he chose to try Mr. Balaam and Hon Mawanda and six others under the UPDF act which they are not subject to, so this is majorly tumultuous and treating serious leaders to bangara. Persons that would be progressing, combing the nooks, alcoves and crannys of the country over how we must move on being treated and introduced to laughable trials before courts of law.”

Whili comenting on the matter, Balaam Barugahara, one of the accused said he was going to talk to Mr.Kirunda Farouk (president’s deputy Press secretary) to talk to president and appoint Mabirizi RDC so he can become busy, because he looked idle and unfocused.

Background Of The Matter

Mabirizi initiated the suit in November 2022 alleging that Kainerugaba addressed a political gathering at Kololo Independence Grounds in Central Division, Kampala City, on October 11th, 2022, without resigning from the UPDF.

According to Mabirizi, this act contravenes section 99 of the UPDF Act, which prohibits serving military personnel from engaging in political activities. Mabirizi further argues that Kainerugaba’s actions caused common annoyance and inconvenience to the public, thereby violating their rights.

But for Mbidde, this is not a case but an attempt to waste Gen Muhoozi’s precious time something he [Mbidde] vowed not to kowtow to.

We’re simply dealing with  tumultuous and  Palookas charcter, who simply enjoys being a busy buddy (an idle, meddling or prying person) by loitering around courts” Mbidde added.

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