Gospel Artiste Kasiita Donates Food To Orphans During COVID-19 Lockdown

Gospel Artiste Kasiita Donates Food To Orphans During COVID-19 Lockdown

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By Spy Uganda

Renowned gospel artiste Frank Kasiita, who runs a charity organisation called Orphan Saves Orphans (OSO),  is doing  a great job at feeding poor orphans in Mukono and Kayunga districts through his Nongovernmental Organisation (NGO) during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

We have established that last week Kasiita, whose charity organisation currently caters for 21 orphans,  donated  over 100 kilograms of rice, posho, sugar, soap and other relief items to orphans both in Kayunga and Mukono district.

Some of the orphans under OSO receiving food from Frank Kasiita

Asked about how he gets funding  to run the charity organisation and be able to feed the orphans, Kasiita told us that “In most cases I depend on Good Samaritans who extend helping hands because  of their generosity. Otherwise I have to depend on sales from my gospel music to be able to buy food and clothing for the orphans, although  it is not easy to depend that, since the sales aren’t good.”

Kasiita is the voice behind popular gospel songs like ‘Nyamba Mukama’, ‘Yali Mukama’,  ‘Waliwo Byendaba’, ‘Nina Esubi’, ‘Obade Mulungi Gyendi’, among others which are rocking  the airwaves of many Christian FM radio stations in Uganda these days.

The singer, who himself is a total orphan, having lost both his parents several years ago,  says he started the charity organisation in 2014 with only five children, but over the years, with support from various people and organisations, he has  managed to increase the number  to 21 children and hope to expand the orphanage.

Frank Kasiita serving food to some of the orphans under OSO

He said that “I started Orphan Serves Orphans in 2014 by sponsoring 5 children. That number soon grew to 21 as now OSO Ministries currently sponsors over 21 children because of the support we get. Hopefully when more support comes in we believe to help more children at our orphanage. These children now have the opportunity to attend school, receive an education and most importantly, learn more about Jesus Christ.”

He added that; “My Parents both died and I lived with my Uncle who mistreated me and I was forced to run away from his home, I was forced onto the streets of Kampala. After all the hardships I faced during my life on the streets such as lack of shelter, daily hunger, sickness, lack of clothes and I even used to move barefooted while suffering and no one could change my life to make it easier. I did not attend school yet I loved to be in school like any other children. I started asking God to save me from that hard life, and sometimes I asked myself if others are getting what to eat and other daily basic needs.

Kasiita praying for the food with one of the Good Samaritans

I loved what the street preachers were teaching the people on the streets and then I started attending the worship and praise. I loved that so much because they were singing the LOVE, the CARE and all the PROVISIONS that JESUS, the Son of God gives to those that trust in Him. I gave my Life to Jesus. Since then my life and story changed. I am now serving the Lord and I will do that the whole of my life.”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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