Gov’t Buys 714 Acres Of Land For Residents In Gomba District, Thanks To Minister Nabakooba’s Tireless Efforts

Gov’t Buys 714 Acres Of Land For Residents In Gomba District, Thanks To Minister Nabakooba’s Tireless Efforts

By Spy Uganda

Government has fully cleared land measuring 714 acres on Gomba Block 209 on plots 431, 333, 315,307,409 for residents from four villages in Gomba District. The four villages include Nkwale, Kasaka, Kitemu and Kkome-Nsaasi.

The revelation was made by Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba in a meeting with residents in Gomba on July 6. She explained that the former landlord, Mr Peter Wasswa, was cleared and plans are underway for surveying of the land.

“The government paid him all his money and he is no longer demanding any single coin. The Land is now under full control of the government in the names of Uganda Land Commission (ULC) which will soon bring surveyors to measure the land and do boundary marking,” she noted.

Nabakooba asked locals to cooperate with the technical team that will be sent on ground to determine the size of the land for each occupant before land titles are issued.

“You have been patient for all those years, get in touch with the team from the ULC, sort all issues you have on the land before ULC measures it,” she shared, adding that those who had already sold off their land to Mr Wasswa are not going to benefit from this exercise.

The minister also cautioned families to refrain from splitting the land since it is the main cause of conflicts on land which in turn bring about under development.

“After the owner of the estate dies, the remaining family members tend to divide the land amongst themselves which is bad. That is the root cause of land conflicts. I want a family to register their trustees and use the land as a family,” she urged.

She explained to the residents that the government paid for the entire process and surveying is free of charge, so they should not be duped into paying for the service.

According to her, residents will only be required to pay Busuulu because this is a Mailo land and Shs25,000 for registration to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN). She further noted if measuring is done, the land map will be pinned on every village for beneficiaries to check for their credentials before land titles are printed.

“The map will indicate the name of the owners, the size of the land and where their land is located. I call upon the local leaders to mobilise people, monitor and supervise the entire exercise as surveyors will be doing their job.”

Mr Yusuf Kironde, Kitemu LC I chairperson said the land wrangles started way back in 2018 and some people were forced to run away from their Bibanja after Mr Wasswa claimed ownership of the land.
“Others reached an understanding with him and he bought some of their Bibanja, some part of their land was taken after promising them land titles” he noted.

Mr Joel Kyajja Baduuzi, Kanoni Town Council Mayor lauded the Minister for sacrificing her time to reach on the ground and find out issues from the victims themselves. He thanked the President for the Parish Development Model (PDM) initiative that he said will benefit his people after regaining full ownership of the land.

“We were worried that PDM has come at a time when people are being displaced but we now have hope that our economic status will be elevated,” he said.

Ms Edith Nakate, the deputy Chief Administrative Officer, said they have so far approved 652 beneficiaries for PDM cash and come next week, 142 people are going to receive the money on their accounts.

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