Gov’t Commends Out-Going Japan Ambassador For His Contributions Towards Uganda’s Socio-Economic Transformation

Gov’t Commends Out-Going Japan Ambassador For His Contributions Towards Uganda’s Socio-Economic Transformation

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The government Of Uganda through Parliament have lauded the out-going Japan Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Fukuzawa Hidemoto, for contributing towards the socio-economic transformation of the country, through the Japanese Embassy.

H.E. Hidemoto, together with the Deputy Ambassador, Tomotaka Yoshimura, attended plenary to observe proceedings in the visitors’ gallery on Tuesday, 13 February 2024.

Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa recognized Amb. Hidemoto for lobbying for increased funding to several sectors including education, infrastructure, health and energy, among others.

“Now we have experts from Japan in highway and flyover designs who have been studying our country and helping us to come up with the most concrete designs for roads, and we know Japan is associated with quality,” said Tayebwa.

He added that under Amb. Hideomoto’s leadership, the Japanese government constructed over 242 schools, several health centers and roads across the country.

The Government Chief Whip, Denis Hamson Obua, said that the Ambassador played a crucial role in ensuring that Uganda participated in the 2022 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

“He is part of the reason why Uganda participated in the 2022 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan and ended putting up the most viable competition in our post-independence history.

He said Amb. Hidemoto coordinated Team Uganda and connected them to the pre-trial camp in two cities in Japan.

Amb. Hidemoto (R) and the Deputy Ambassador follow the proceedings of the House from the visitors’ gallery

“Your duty has come to an end, wherever you are going, please go with the blessing of the people of Uganda,” Obua said.

Amb. Hidemoto’s tour of duty started in October 2020.

The Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Hon. Esther Anyakun Anyakun, said that the Ambassador’s support to refugee hosting districts in the country has led to tremendous changes especially in hospitals, roads and bridges.

“He has supported the department of disaster whereby we have got a lot of donations especially on food security through the embassy. I want to be part of the Members here paying tribute because my docket has benefited,” said Anyakun.

The Third Deputy Premier and Minister without Portfolio, Rukia Nakadama, also appreciated the Ambassador, saying that government provided a conducive environment for him to serve the country.

Hon. Aggrey Bagiire (NRM, Bunya West County) noted the importance of paying tribute to the Ambassador while still alive, saying that he has played a pivotal role in the country’s economic development.

“The Jinja bridge that all of us are happy about, it was his effort. Right now, the bridge that has been planned in Karuma, it was also his effort,” he said.

Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (FDC, Kira Municipality) said that Amb. Hidemoto deserves to be offered and bestowed Ugandan citizenship for his contribution.

“We then leave it to him if he chooses to come back and settle in Uganda, and once he is a citizen we can even ask him to provide leadership especially in areas where he has helped,” Ssemujju said. an accessible web community

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