How Powerful Gen.Abel Kandiho,ACP.Herbert Muhangi Almost Killed Me On 27,Sept,2017-Activist Norman Tumuhimbise

How Powerful Gen.Abel Kandiho,ACP.Herbert Muhangi Almost Killed Me On 27,Sept,2017-Activist Norman Tumuhimbise

By Norman Tumuhimbise

Kampala: On 27, Sept, 2017 around 11a.m, comrade Musoke Eria and I were picked by CMI and crime intelligence ‘goons’ from next to Christ  the King Church Kampala, pushed into a Toyota Mark 2 which sped off escorted by other two salon cars with armed-to-teeth goons.

Upon reaching CPS, Musoke Eria Elijah was put in room 78 and I was put in room 79 both of them on 3rd floor CPS building for interrogation about our previous role in Togikwatako demonstration of 18th.Sept.2017. Minutes later I heard from the opposite door Eria screaming like a wounded dying squirrel and I knew that things were no longer at ease as I awaited my turn. I imagined that if a mugged Eria would scream like that what about a shrunk me who weighed 50kg?! But as a “child & born soldier” I was like kama mbaya ni mbaya!  Kuzaliwa ni moja na kufa ni moja! 

With in no minutes was the arrival of a notorious ACP Herbert Muhangi, then commandant of the UGANDA POLICE FORCE killer squad called Flying Squad. With his pistol in holster, holding over five or so mobile phones and a hoki-tokie whose noise of…Alpha…Tango…Roger…Over: was too irritating. But my dear I was a no body to tell them to reduce on their volume. All that I looked like, was like a little mouse trapped into glue! With his eyes as red as a hungry parrot, Muhangi asked; oooh so this is the cantankerous Norman! I thought you were as big as an elephant…”! Aaaah nani… yes sir, replied his henchmen. Mcukuwe kwa drone yetu. I froze for some seconds and I knew that whatever was in the mentioned drone was next to death. With handcuffs on my legs and hands I was tightly escorted down stares and through a behind door of CPS then into a killer mobile torture chamber.

While we approached the drone were other body builder commonly known as Kanyama in Luganda as drone operatives who held beers and cigar and dressed in scary black overalls. On seeing them I knew I was finished! As soon as I was pushed into this tinted drone, these drone operatives followed me to take charge. In a drone was a heavy and strong woollen blanket which they used to wrap me and tied me like a moslem corpse. The only difference is that my head was left out for breathing purposes. As sunny as it was, I was left in this locked drone from where I felt like chicken in an oven awaiting being served. 

Around 2pm or there about I was picked, unwrapped from the other blanket, and escorted back to Room 79, ACP. Herbert Muhangi’s office  for yet another interrogation procedure from where I got my “reasonable” torture  as Muhangi kept busy attending to his phones and a Hokie-Tokie. Meanwhile on his 32 inch TV was the heated Parliamentary session regarding the amendment of Article 102(b).

At approximately 3:30 Pm, the one and only CMI boss Brig. Abel Kandiho entered with over 20 bloodsucking team dressed in military police uniform with their signature red Top. Tall and tough with shrunk-in jows was Kandiho who held a very busy Hokie-Tokie with a very long aerial from which he issued orders. 

To the ignorance of both Kandiho and Muhangi, litle did they know that I know Swahili. They started by saying that Parliament had been turned into a comedy theatre that needed an immediate military intervention. Before Kandiho would  complete his statement, Muhangi and other officers asked; afande tufanyeje? To mean; sir what should we do? As they gave it a thought of some seconds, one of them proposed that they should go to Parliament and pick the ring leaders namely Kiiza Winfred Nyabahasa, Bobi Wine, Mp Bakireke Nambooze, Mathias Mpuuga, Odongo Otto and a few others; an idea that Kandiho bought. 

Much as the idea was bought,  Kandiho asked. Ok. this will work but how do we enter upto the parliamentary chambers moreover with military uniforms. Won’t this backfire? How will the international community interpret it? In less than five seconds one of his henchmen suggested that they should hurry to the closest arcades, buy suits because there was no time for each one of them to dash home, dress in suits and come to Parliament. An idea  that was unanimously supported and the message was passed amongst other organs to stay on standby as CMI planned their attack on parliament.

I can confess that some of the hit men who attacked Parliament on 27th. September 2017 dressed their suits from CPS in commandship of Abel Kandiho and Herbert Muhangi. 

To be continued as told by the author……. an accessible web community

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