I Can’t Stand Your Rotten Management-KIU Prof.Kehinde Resigns, Reveals University’s Shocking Facts That Kicked Him Out

I Can’t Stand Your Rotten Management-KIU Prof.Kehinde Resigns, Reveals University’s Shocking Facts That Kicked Him Out

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Kampala International University (KIU) has been exposed by its Director of Research and Innovation Prof. Ogunniran Kehinde Olurotimi who has since handed in his resignation letter over management failures to serve his interests.

Furious Kehinde in his resignation letter informs the Vice Chancellor that he can’t tolerate the university’s rot that has seen him missing salary for the last couple of months on top of poor working environment.

“The University refused to pay full salary agreed on after several months of taking up the appointment using COVID-19 as an excuse,” he wrote.

Kehinde Resignation Letter

Kehinde also decried the poor welfare of the academic staff before adding that the university relies on cheap labour to get the work done.


“The unit I was assigned to head was crippled by giving no attention. A few months after I assumed office with great enthusiasm to work, the internet access was withdrawn to cripple the unit from proper functioning,” he claimed.

Ogunniran also claimed that “all efforts to ensure that it is restored is under the control of one person (DVC Finance).”

“She controls the way she wants and takes only decisions that favour her,” Ogunniran further alleged.

Meanwhile, the above has in a statement been trashed by the University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo saying that the Professor’s allegations are false and intended to damage the name and reputation of the University.

“It is rather quite unfortunate that a perfect erson of the status of Prof Ogunniran, who had been recently appointed as the director research and innovation, in April 2021, decided to resign and also make and externalise seriously damaging allegations that are intended to damage the good name and reputation of the University,” the VC said in a statement issued on February 8.

He said they are even more concerned that there appears to be deliberate concealment of material facts by the good Prof, possibly aimed at eliciting public sympathy.

“It is on record that Prof Ogunniran, was enrolled into the University Service primarily on probation, subject to authentication of his original academic documents. He was unable to complete the probationary period. He then absconded from duty, having failed to satisfy the condition requiring him to authenticate his original academic documents,” Mpezamihigo wrote.

“This is a disciplinary matter which was to be handled through the available channels, within the University and it is possible that the resignation could have been intended to pre-empt the same,” he clarified.

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