”I Can’t Stop Regretting For Losing Sanyu FM Juicy Job, Even Ladies Have Left Me Over Pocket Holes”-Poverty Stricken Onen Cries Out

”I Can’t Stop Regretting For Losing Sanyu FM Juicy Job, Even Ladies Have Left Me Over Pocket Holes”-Poverty Stricken Onen Cries Out

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Once Sanyu FM’s staff who had since changed names from James Onen to ”fat boy” due to higher pay he was receiving as we report this is, you won’t be misquoted if you call him ”thin boy” following the kind of life he is living in that is well described by all signs and symptoms of high degree poverty.

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Onen’s poverty life derives from his suspension from Uganda’s oldest Sanyu FM mid-last year following a strike that saw all employees abandoning airwaves protesting the 25% temporary salary cut that was initiated by the management due to the deadly novel coronavirus that left many companies unable to run normally.

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After thorough investigations, all the employees were asked to re-apply for their jobs, a trick the management used to eliminate some wevils ”kawukumi” that they believed were terrorizing the station’s operations and thus some of the employees were not given a second chance to serve who among these included fat boy now thin boy-who was said to be the leader of the strike that left the station’s reputation tantalized.

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Onen’s Facebook Post

“This is to inform you that we have terminated your employment with Sanyu FM after our investigations revealed that you incited other employees to stage a sit-down strike after management had proposed a 25% pay,” read Sanyu FM management’s letter that has since left Onen in regrets.

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As a consequence therefore, Mr.Onen for a couple of months has been chopping on the little savings he had saved from his juicy job at Sanyu FM which finally, seemingly got finished opting to run to his Facebook where he has since shown regrets for his intolerable behaviors that saw him losing the job.

Mr.Onen via his Facebook he cried like a young chap thus; ”Women liked me more when i was fat, because i looked rich Kapo.”

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Our spy who threw a sight from the comment section of the above post landed on a hot and straight comment thrown to Onen from a one Brighet Racquel reading thus; ”Even you loved your self chubby, look at your head now…worried emojis…looking like imported avocado from Taiwan.”

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