IGG Kamya Kicks Off Investigations Into Heavy Cost Of Oulanyah’s Burial

IGG Kamya Kicks Off Investigations Into Heavy Cost Of Oulanyah’s Burial

By Spy Uganda

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya has announced that she is to investigate the heavy budget released by Minister of Presidency Milly Babalanda to cater for deceased Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s burial.

Babalanda was tasked by the President to oversee a befitting send-off for Oulanyah shortly after the unfortunate news was confirmed.

In a press release yesterday afternoon, Babalanda said that the entire burial will cost UGX2.5Billion shillings an amount that left Ugandans in shock.

Now, Kamya says, “The Spirit of the departed Jacob Oulanyah must be horrified by the obscene cash bonanza in his funeral expenses, he’d not allow it if he had a choice. IGG will honour him by taking interest in allegations of impropriety in his funeral expenses.”


The heavy budget is to cover only six items which include; A-Plus Services, Finance Committee, Acholi MPs, Security, Burial day and fuel.

However, Babalanda defended the heavy budget saying that Ugandans should not focus on the amount being injected into the activities but rather should concentrate on the status of the deceased and what is being done to ensure that the former Speaker is given a befitting burial.

“Regarding the budget for burying Rt. Hon. Oulanyah, what matters is not the figures but the activities involved and status of the deceased. Let us avoid traumatising the family in this trying time,” the Minister said yesterday.

Rt Hon Oulanyah died on 20th March 2022 in Seattle, the USA where he had gone to receive specialised treatment.

Oulanyah’s body is expected to be returned to Uganda this Friday, 1st April 2022.

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