Ismaili Community Launches Tree Planting Campaign In Uganda To Curb Carbon Emissions

Ismaili Community Launches Tree Planting Campaign In Uganda To Curb Carbon Emissions

By Frank Kamuntu

Uganda’s Ismaili CIVIC Community has today planted hundreds of trees in Entebbe Mayor’s gardens in its campaign aiming to curb carbon emissions and climate change effects that have caused a global outcry in recent years.

Fairway Hotel Managing Director Mr Azhar Jaffer dubbed Chairman Ismaili CIVIC Community in Uganda said tree planting activities are part of celebrations to mark their second annual Global Ismaili CIVIC Day scheduled for 25th September.

”These activities we are doing like this one here in Entebbe, are made up of local partnerships connected to global efforts to strengthen communities through environmental stewardship. We’re coming together to protect the earth on Global Ismaili CIVIC Day, thousands of volunteers across the globe pledge to offer thousands of hours of voluntary service to strengthen their communities,” said Mr Azhar.

At the same event in Entebbe, President Agakhan Ismaili Council of Uganda Mr Azim Tharani noted that on the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day, a diverse array of activities will be carried out simultaneously across the world, accomplished through pledged volunteer activities in partnership with over 40 organisations across the globe.

He noted that the whole essence of tree planting is to stabilise the environment that has since misbehaved against humanity. He added that their activities are also aimed at creating awareness for more people to join so that they reduce carbon emissions.

Asked why they chose tree planting, Azim said the activities are in line with their theme for this year’s celebrations which is; ”Environment Stewardship.”

Ms Jasmin Halani, the In-Charge of Ismail CIVIC Community in Uganda told this paper that since 2020, through Ismaili CIVIC millions of people in over 30 countries across the globe have benefited from a couple of goodies offered by the Community.

”We have planted over 1.3 million trees, more than 30,000 volunteers involved, over 125,000 hours of voluntary service conducted, more than 150 partners engaged, and more than 600 activities held,” said Jasmin.

She added,”Global Ismaili CIVIC Day will be celebrated across dozens of countries around the world on every continent. Volunteers from the Ismaili Muslim Community and its partners have pledged hundreds of thousands of hours to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live, exemplifying universal values of service, peace and compassion.”

Asked to elaborate more about CIVIC Day, Mr Naheem Mitha the CIVIC Communications boss said its a global programme under which the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community across the world unites around its centuries-old tradition of serving humanity by rendering voluntary service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live, regardless of faith, gender and background.

”This international endeavour reflects the community’s ethic of civic engagement and good citizenship,” he said adding that the activities are to go on throughout the year.

He added, ”From here at Entebbe, we shall visit schools in Kampala and other districts for two main things; one to create awareness about curbing emissions and planting trees for future generations.”

Entebbe City Mayor Fabrice Blad Rulinda who joined the Community in tree planting commended the Ismaili CIVIC Community for their love for nature asking other stakeholders to pick a leaf.

”As Entebbe City leaders we highly appreciate the Ismaili CIVIC community for this good cause. I was very happy with the way they involve their young ones. I think this is a good initiative and we call on other stakeholders to start these kind of activities. It’s the only way we can deal with climate change,” said Mayor Rulinda adding that they have a plan of planting over one million trees along streets in Entebbe within 5years.

Pictorial: Ismaili CIVIC Community Planting Trees In Entebbe an accessible web community

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