It’s Immoral & Unethical: S.Sudan Top Opposition Leaders Scorn At Journalist Who Leaked President Kiir’s Health Condition In Public

It’s Immoral & Unethical: S.Sudan Top Opposition Leaders Scorn At Journalist Who Leaked President Kiir’s Health Condition In Public

By Spy Uganda

Juba: South Sudan opposition leaders have instead shown compassion to their ‘rival’ President Salva Kiir Mayardit over his current health status that saw him wetting in trousers at a public event recently, as opposed to mocking him as would be expected, atleast by the nature of African politics. These, for now have raised the bar and instead sent consoling messages showing him that they didn’t agree with the unethical journalist who leaked the clip.

The incident ignited worldwide condemnation of his handlers and intelligence networks for being negligent hence ashaming the head of State, who has tirelessly and passionately worked hard to bring his country together, challenges notwithstanding, since the death of his comrade John Garang  Demabior in a helicopter crash on July 30,2005.

Our highly placed sources in the S.Sudanese government believe this was the wish of evil elements who are fighting within to bring Kiir’s Government down despite all peace efforts by Kiir to have the country move forward.

“We highly suspect Gen Akol Koor Kuc is behind this. He has long wanted to expose the president for his selfish interests because he thinks he’s the president after Kiir,” our Spy in Juba claimed. Koor is currently the Director-General of South Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS), call him Director General ISO and ESO in Uganda.

”President urinating on himself was the wish of these evil elements who have long wanted to expose the dear president for their selfish interest and power struggle, they know his health problem, and in order to ashame him, they keep him in long security briefs without going for short calls in order to expose him, instead of protecting him. That’s how they have contributed to his health problem,” added the source.

Director General NSS of S.Sudan Gen Akol Koor Kuc

Gen Akol who is currently viewed as the next president is said to be the leader of the ‘most dangerous and selfish group’ behind the hate speeches trending on social media against Kiir.

”What continues to shock the world is the same evil elements hell-bent on failing president Kiir are the same fanning descent and giving negative reviews on the urinating incident.

“I think it’s time the president acts on these errant officers before situation worsens to split SPLM /SPLA further,” the source further added.

Meanwhile, senior opinion leaders including the ‘rebellious’ Paul Malong Awan (former Director General NSS and now key opposition figure) have shown compassion to Gen Salvar as they could easily understand that all human beings are prone to diseases.

Malong who spent 25yrs of struggle for liberation with Kiir recently said their differences are not personal but rather governance and is very willing to have issues sorted out with his rivals,but felt sorry for the incident.

Paul Malong Awan former Director General NSS Boss

Also, where some unconfirmed sources claimed that the journalist who leaked the video [of Kiir Urinating] was found dead in his room, those close to the President our spy talked to, say photos were photoshopped to cast Kiir’s leadership into a bad light.

“They wanted to cast the leader in a bad light. But actually, the president himself ordered that such act shouldn’t happen to the journalists other than doing investigations to ascertain who leaked the video and then that person be relieved,” said the source. an accessible web community

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