Jacob Oulanyah Calls For Lango, Asian Reunion!

Jacob Oulanyah Calls For Lango, Asian Reunion!

By Our Reporter

The Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, has counseled leaders and residents in Lira to let the law take its course as they unite after clashes with a section of the Asian community.

The clashes were triggered by the death of a one, Dickens Okello, a pupil who was allegedly murdered by some Asians.

Oulanyah said there was no room to use the incident by self-seekers to divide people, saying the incident has tested, but should not break their harmony.

“The times of lawlessness, of right lying in might and of mob action has passedand cannot be reversed. Whenever there is a problem in a community, leaders must come back together to find common ground, unite the people and find a solution,” he said.


He spoke to MPs from Lango sub region led by caucus Chairperson, Hon Felix Okot Ogong, local leaders and residents at the Lira Teacher’s Training College in Lira Municipality.

The meeting involved the security leadership at the district and was aimed at finding a lasting solution to the discord that followed Okello’s death.

MP Cecilia Ogwal (FDC, Dokolo) had earlier proposed regulations to define the activities of investors, but Oulanyah said meetings such as these should primarily be convened to solve problems and not as platforms for lamentations and fanning hatred.

“The kind of meeting the Langi should call has to deal with advancing agriculture, infrastructure and tourism so that socio-economic challenges can be addressed,” he said.

Joseph Olet, a resident, had earlier criticized the security leadership for closing down Unity FM, a popular local radio station.

“The most annoying thing is the closure of the radio station…we request the radio station to be opened,” he said.

Ogwal said she would leverage the presence of the Deputy Speaker to raise those concerns in Parliament so that a lasting solution can be found.

Also present was area MP and Uganda People’s Congress leader, Hon Jimmy Akena.

Oulanyah earlier presided at a fundraising ceremony for a girls’ dormitory at Omoro Secondary School in Ajuri County together with area MP, Hon Hamson Obua.

He said schools should be made safe for girls so that they are not faced with the difficult choice between enduring sexual harassment and leaving school altogether.

Oulanyah’s efforts saw over Shs5 million raised, promising to attend the groundbreaking ceremony and extend further help to the school.

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