Kenya Deploys Troops To DRC To End Decades Of Bloodshed

Kenya Deploys Troops To DRC To End Decades Of Bloodshed

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Kenyan President William Ruto presided over a ceremony Wednesday for troops being sent to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to lead a regional force that hopes to protect civilians and bring peace to the region.

Kenyan troops are heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a force sent by the East African Community.

The multinational forces will try to guard civilians in eastern provinces that are home to dozens of armed groups which fight for political control and control of the region’s rich mines.

In a ceremony at a military training camp in Nairobi, Kenyan President William Ruto said his country will help facilitate peace and stability in DR Congo.

“Under the banner of the East African Community Regional Force, you are confronted with the responsibility of demonstrating the African Union’s clarion call, Africa solutions to Africa problems,” Ruto said.

“You are also charged with delivering this noble mandate to the highest professional standard. These standards guarantee the protection of civilians, facilitate the achievement of sustainable peace, and create a conducive environment for establishing democratic space, underpinning regional and national prosperity.”

Kenya will be the second east African nation to send troops to the eastern DRC after Burundi.

Officials did not disclose the number of troops Kenya is sending to the DRC but said it has the capability to do the job.

Kenya’s chief of defense forces, General Robert Kibochi, said he expects a good reception from the Kinshasa government.

“We are very hopeful that they should be able to receive us as well, because we are coming to help,” Kibochi said. “We’ve never been there before as an East African Community. Hopefully, they will accept us as we get in.”

Some Congolese civilians and politicians opposed the deployment of more troops to the region. They accuse the thousands of U. ( N. peacekeepers already present of failing to protect civilians against armed groups.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was admitted earlier this year to the East African Community regional bloc, becoming the seventh member.

The Congolese troops are engaged in a fight against the M23 rebel group, which is accused of targeting civilians.

The Kinshasa government has accused Rwanda of supporting M23, a claim denied by Kigali.

Kenya will station its troops some 10 kilometers from Goma city, where they will conduct operations in an effort to return normalcy to the region. an accessible web community

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