Kikuubo Online Cracks Ambassadorial Deal With Teacher Mpamire

Kikuubo Online Cracks Ambassadorial Deal With Teacher Mpamire

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Teacher Mpamire is a happy man (real name Mendo Herbert Ssegujja). Another Brand Ambassadorial role added to his growing portfolio.

The funnyman who among other comic acts presents himself as “Sevo” and “Teacher Mpamire” has been cracking ribs with his skits. The most recent one being “Teacher Mpamire on the streets “where he randomly asks non suspecting passersby intelligent and tricky questions and lets the respondents answer to the best of their knowledge and ability. You are then left in stitches as you watch the respondents try to make sense of it.

Tr.Mpamire (R) Signing A Deal With Mr.Paul Muyobo, Kikuubo Online’s Marketing Manager

Teacher Mpamire is one of the few Ugandan comedians who made it to the international scene after local comedians like Salvador, Pablo and Anne Kansiime. The Churchill Show in Kenya has been arguably his biggest international stage.

He boasts of over 250,000 YouTube subscribers, 769,608 followers on Facebook and 70,000 Instagram followers, that there, ladies and gentlemen is why he is being sought after by different brands, looking for visibility.

The latest company seeking to use his audience for marketing its brand is Kikuubo Online.

Kikuubo Online has been in operation for close to two years and has grown exponentially in the online store category with competitors like Jumia and the new entrants Glovo.

Kikuubo Online which begun as an online wholesaler with their catchphrase, “bringing Kikuubo to you” has since morphed into or introduced retail or online supermarkets.

They have quickly bridged the gap between the last mile customer and the manufacturer by bringing “Kikuubo” to their doorstep through the elimination of inconvenience, time wastage, selling at competitive and transparent pricing for all.

The Duo After Sealing The Deal

Talking to Mr Paul Muyobo, Kikuubo Online’s Marketing Manager, he said, “Our target market is individuals and households who find it difficult to pass by the supermarket every other day. Kikuubo Online is making it convenient for consumers who regularly visit the supermarket to have their daily supermarket shopping cart delivered to them at their doorstep and we believe in having fun while we do our work at Kikuubo Online.”

He added, “What better way to get the word out through satire, comedy and fun? While you laugh at the comedy, the marketing message gets lodged into your subconsciousness. We believe we have chosen the right brand ambassador and we are glad to be associated with Teacher Mpamire”.

To use the Kikuubo Online Service, simply download the free Kikuubo Online app from either the Google plays store or apple app store or visit their website at

To find out more about the operations of Kikuubo Online, engage them on their social media handles or call their toll-free number 0800 271 900. an accessible web community

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