KikuubOOnline Wins Platinum Award In Online Store Category At Consumer Choice Awards

KikuubOOnline Wins Platinum Award In Online Store Category At Consumer Choice Awards

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The giant e-commerce shop “KikuubOOnline” has scooped another award in Consumers’ Choice Awards for the year 2021/2022.

Kikuubo last year was the gold winner of these annual awards under the theme; ”recognizing business excellence, this time it won the Platinum Award in online store category.

So Why Not Make Shopping With KikuubOOnline?

Where else can you save and get value for money with the rising commodity prices? We all are looking to get a good price and a good bargain when we want to buy groceries for our homes. The extra 2000 UGX you save will go towards covering something else and that is why you need a reliable partner when it comes to saving money on groceries!

KikuubOOnline started out as an entirely Online wholesale store but has since introduced retail (Online Supermarket) were the bulk (cartons) is broken and sold as a single piece.

KikuubOOnline which has grown its product portfolio to up to 6000 different grocery items, services between 10,000 to 15,000 consumers on a monthly basis with these numbers expected to hit 20,000 monthly serviced customers by the end of 2022.

KikuubOOnline is arguably the leading online supermarket and online wholesaler dealing predominantly in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and has been in operation for the last 3 years. While KikuubOOnline targets duukas, small supermarkets, restaurants, offices, Schools and kiosks for its wholesale business, the main target audience for its retail business is households.

KikuubOOnline operates on the cash and carry wholesale model. Cash and carry is a form of trade in which goods are sold from a wholesale warehouse operated either on a self-service basis or on the basis of samples (with the customer selecting from specimen articles using a manual or computerized ordering system but not serving themselves) or a combination of the two. In the case of KikuubOOnline, there is an option to pick from the warehouse or have your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Based on the cash and carry model, consumers enjoy great pricing even on the retail side.

There is no doubt that KikuubOOnline offers the much-needed convenience for the busy consumer who has a variety of options to choose from at the best pricing.

Consumers can enjoy retail pricing for a single piece of an item but the best part for consumers is knowing that you can still get wholesale pricing for 3 items and above including 6 pieces, a dozen, and a carton. This means that households can also buy in bulk either at retail price or wholesale and save money in the process without much of a hassle due to convenience and doorstep delivery.

The groceries are arranged in sections on the platform to make it easier for the consumer to find what they are looking for. Some of the sections include Beverages, Indian groceries, household items, Electronics, Breakfast and Dairy, Groceries and Staples, Pet Food and many other sections.

To place an order with KikuubOOnline, simply download the free KikuubOOnline App either on the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore or call their toll-free number 0800271900 and get in the habit of saving money and getting the most from your grocery shopping. an accessible web community

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