Leave Oulanyah To Rest In Peace-Minister Baryomunsi To Enanga

Leave Oulanyah To Rest In Peace-Minister Baryomunsi To Enanga

By Spy Uganda

Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr.Chris Baryomunsi has asked police spokesperson Fred Enanga to give fallen speaker Jacob Oulanyah peace to rest. These come after Enanga yesterday said they are processing summons for those who claimed Oulanyah was poisoned.

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Among those Enanga said would be summoned include, Chris Baryomunsi, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi, Hon. Gilbert Olanya, Hon. Santa Okot, Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, Oulanyah’s father Nathan Okori and singer Bosmic Otim.

In response to Enanga’s statements, Baryomunsi today said, “It’s improper to summon a father who has just lost his child.”


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The minister further said, “In his statement, he is saying that he is focusing on those who have been spreading information that Oulanyah was poisoned. From what I have been saying, am I among those who have been putting forward that information?”

Baryomunsi’s name came into this saga after Kiwanda on Saturday said that Oulanyah when he informed him how he was poisoned, he cautioned him from telling it to anyone else although he later shared it with Baryomunsi, something we believe triggered police to include him on its list of those to be questioned.

Hon. Oulanyah died on March 19, 2022, after a long hospitalization in Washington cancer hospital in Seattle USA. According to the Ministry for Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, he died from multiple organ failure resulting from lymphoma cancer.

However, there have been mushrooming reports from close relatives, and politicians that the deceased was poisoned long before he died by unidentified persons.

On Friday last week during the burial of Oulanyah, his 92-year-old father Nathan Okori reiterated statements he made earlier indicating that his son succumbed to poison and not cancer as reported by his doctors. Okori insisted that the deceased confided in him that his illness was linked to poison and made worse by it.

“I’m not mourning in vain. I want to say it clearly. Jacob was poisoned. He told me. The poison affected his health so much and by the time he was flown out for treatment, it was too late. He could not recover,” Okori said on Friday.

Meanwhile, Enanga yesterday said, “As you are all aware the cause of death of Hon Jacob Oulanyah was clearly revealed as arising out of multiple organ failure. In all death by poisoning the establishment of a substance is vital. Medical records prove there was no poison in the systematic circulation. We are therefore summoning all those persons with other causes of death including poisoning for further interview and statement recording.”

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