Lira Businessman Etwop Geoffrey Arrested By State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Remanded Over Fraudulent Procurement Of Land Title

Lira Businessman Etwop Geoffrey Arrested By State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Remanded Over Fraudulent Procurement Of Land Title

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: State House Anti Corruption Unit working with Criminal Investigations Directorate have arraigned Lira businessman Etwop Geoffrey before the Chief Magistrates Court in Lira for the fraudulent procurement of a Certificate of Title.

Etwop Geoffrey was arrested by a joint force of State House Anti-Corruption Unit and Uganda Police on 1st February.

Etwop is a city mogul and director of two top companies, Rhino Oil and a construction company Tic Lokere.

It is alleged that the accused Etwop Geoffrey between 2017 and 2020, presented a letter dated 23rd December 2019 to the District land Board and Lira MZO among other land application documents purporting that the Physical Planning Committee Lira Municipal Council had approved his application to be granted a freehold title for Plot 16-18 Soroti Road Campswahili Central Division under minute number LMC PPC 083/12/2019, which was not true.

According to State House Anti Corruption Unit, the land in question is a public open space according to the approved Physical Plan of Lira Municipal Council 2016-2026.

Etwop is being jointly accused with some Lira City officials for connivance and fraudulent purchase of three plots of land belonging to Lira City land located along Lira-Soroti highway commonly known by the locals as tipper.

Etwop was remanded until 5th February, 2024 when he will re-appear before court for mention of his case and bail application hearing.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit has been camping in Lira City since early 2023 following widespread allegations of land wrangles registered in the City.

The State House Anti Corruption Unit (SH-ACU) in one year, 2022, managed to recover Ugx35.484bn from corruption masters of this country, the annual report revealed.

The Unit also managed to arrest and arraign in court over 448 suspects. Among these, courts convicted 70 culprits including government accounting Officers, Executive Officers, managing directors, Secretaries of Commission, CAOs, and Town Clerks.

SH-ACU was established under Article 99(4) of the constitution of Uganda, which gives the President executive powers to either directly or indirectly perform his duties or through officers subordinate to him.

Launched on 10th December 2018, SH-ACU coordinates with all constitutionally mandated agencies to ensure a corruption-free country.

The Unit also acts as a link between H.E. the President, citizens, and Anti- Corruption agencies in relation to Anti-Corruption issues. an accessible web community

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