M23 President Warns DR Congo Gov’t Against Deployment Of SADC Troops In North Kivu

M23 President Warns DR Congo Gov’t Against Deployment Of SADC Troops In North Kivu

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

The president of the March 23 Movement (M23), Bertrand Bisimwa, has sounded an alarm over the proposed deployment of Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC) troops in North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

The DR Congo government is in a process of collaborating with SADC troops to replace Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and South Sudan peace keeping troops deployed in the area under East African Community Regional Force.

The East African Community Regional Force’s mandate is set to expire on December 8,2023. But DR Congo government doesn’t want it extended on accusations of failing to launch an assault on M23 rebels.


Addressing a media conference on Saturday evening at Bunagana town in Rutshuru territory, Bisimwa argued that the deployment of SDC troops will make the government understand that it is on a wrong path because president Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo is intentionally dodging dialogue with M23.

He says that the DR Congo government has repeatedly been telling lies to the public by faulting EACRF troops for failing to fight yet its role is to create a buffer zone to pave way for dialogue to start.


He also criticized the silence of the international community for the acts of ethnic cleansing by the Kishasha government against Kinyarwanda speaking citizens in North Kivu province.

He argued that bombing of towns heavily populated by civilians and malicious destruction of public and private infrastructure are acts of impunity.

The rebel leader warned that if the DR Congo government continues to think that they will resolve the crisis with arms, M23 will beat them militarily adding that if they continue to stubbornly oppose dialogue after a military failure, M23 will move on to self-determination.

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