Manchester United Fan Hands Over Wife To Chelsea Supporter After Losing Bet

Manchester United Fan Hands Over Wife To Chelsea Supporter After Losing Bet

By Spy Uganda

Football is a game of emotions, missed chances, and bets. As expected, the bets sometimes go wrong as results are unpredictable.

A football fanatic from Kakamega in Kenya has experienced the pain of bets gone wrong after he was forced to hand over his wife to a Chelsea supporter.

According to reports, it started as normal football banter before escalating to the point where they decided to push the stakes higher.

They did so by placing a rather unconventional bet stating that the Manchester United fanatic would let him spend two nights with his wife if his team lost to Crystal Palace.

Things crumbled in the 25th minute when Joachim Andersen scored the lone goal that would be the difference between the two sides at full time.

As the final whistle blew, Wawish erupted in celebration while his friend found himself in a rather uncomfortable predicament.

“I told him earlier that Man U would lose but he refused. Let me teach him a lesson the hard way,” said Wawish.

Mixed Reactions

Photos shared on facebook show the losing fan carrying a placard to confirm that he was keeping his word per the bet.

“I am officially handing over my wife to the Chelsea man after losing my bet,” read part of the statement.

The arrangement raised eyebrows across social media, with friends and fans expressing a mixture of shock, disbelief, and amusement.

Bazu Bigman: “Kama sio kipindi tunataka kuona hiyo mechi live buana, sisi sio wajinga buana.”

Tea More Lovech: “Bet kama hizi huwa mnaplace na wapi. Nataka niweke double chance.”

Beka Mbigo Jnr: “Keep the promise hapo. Huyo bibi amefanyiwa ile kitu na jamaa wa Blues jana usiku na leo.” an accessible web community

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