Masindi State Attorney Bwiiso Arrested For UGX3M Bribery

Masindi State Attorney Bwiiso Arrested For UGX3M Bribery

By Spy Uganda 

The Resident State Attorney (RSA) Masindi Mr Charles Bwiiso has been arrested for soliciting a bribe of 3m from persons in a case of defilement.

A case was reported at Masindi Police Station vide CRB 149/2022 Uganda Vs Alinaitwe Joseph. After more than ten days the suspect had never been arraigned before court. In the meantime, the families of the suspect and the victim agreed to a settlement and reconciliation out of court and an agreement was written plus a request to Resident State Attorney to withdraw the case.

Upon receipt of that request, the RSA demanded a bribe of UGX 3M from the family of the suspect to close the file. The family pleaded with him and asked to raise Uganda shillings 1.5m.

They reported the matter to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SH-ACU). A team of detectives rushed to Masindi and laid bait of UGX 1M which was delivered to the office of the RSA and duly received.

RSA’s Letter After Allegedly Receiving A Bribe

The RSA immediately wrote a letter to the District CID officer directing him to submit the file for further legal advice since the families had settled the issue.

Upon delivery of the money, the RSA was arrested. an accessible web community

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