Military Police Changes Command: Maj Gen Don Nabasa Hands Over To Brig Gen Bainomugisha

Military Police Changes Command: Maj Gen Don Nabasa Hands Over To Brig Gen Bainomugisha

By Spy Uganda

The UPDF Chief of Staff Land Force (COS – LF) Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba has today presided over the handover of the office of the Commandant Military Police from Maj Gen Don Nabasa to Brig Gen William Bainomugisha.

The Hand/Take Over ceremony happened at the Military Police headquarters in Makindye, Kampala.

In his remarks, Maj Gen Bakasumba commended the Outgoing Commandant Maj Gen Nabasa for a job well done and urged the Incoming to emulate the Outgoing while at his new duty station.

He thanked Maj Gen Nabasa for the recent infrastructural developments at Military Police and urged him to do the same at the 3 Division Infantry Division headquarters.

The Outgoing Commandant Maj Gen Don Nabasa advised the Incoming Brig Gen Bainomugisha to cooperate with the Civilian population, maintain teamwork and work hard.

To the Incoming Military Police Commandant Brig Gen Bainomugisha, the COS – LF implored him to continue taking Military Police to greater heights, in terms of duties and responsibilities.

He urged all troops to embrace the Chief of Defence Forces’ Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi’s message during the Monitoring and Evaluation tour on maintaining ideological clarity, on top of conserving the environment.

Brig Gen Bainomugisha commended the UPDF leadership for entrusting him with the new responsibility and pledged to steer Military Police forward.

The function was also attended by UPDF Senior and Junior Officers and local leaders, among others. an accessible web community

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