Minister Alice Kaboyo Announces UGX 3B ‘Akasiimo’ For Luwero Civilian Veterans

Minister Alice Kaboyo Announces UGX 3B ‘Akasiimo’ For Luwero Civilian Veterans

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The state minister for Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle, Hon. Alice Kaboyo, has announced the release of UGX 3.043 billion to verified civilian veterans and beneficiaries. 

The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala where Minister Kaboyo thanked President Museveni for considering the veterans.

“Today, the government of Uganda, through the office of the Prime Minister, announces the release of Akasiimo funds totalling UGX 3.043 billion to 1,269 verified civilian beneficiaries from Greater Luwero.”

According to the minister, the beneficiaries have been cleared by the veterans’ verification committee and are part of the 51st schedule from the now three districts formed from the former Greater Luwero area.

Since the Akasiimo program’s inception in 2008, the government has verified and paid 87,269 beneficiaries in recognition of their contributions during the liberation struggle from 1981 to 1986.

Minister Kaboyo  also emphasized the continued efforts to verify civilian veterans who have not yet been considered, ensuring that allocated funds reach the rightful beneficiaries.

The list of beneficiaries, including their names, national identification numbers, amounts received, sub-county, and district, will be displayed on notice boards in the respective beneficiary districts and regional offices to ensure transparency. 

Minister Kaboyo also extended an invitation to the public for the 35th Heroes Day celebration, scheduled to take place in Gomba on Sunday 9th 2024.

The event, themed “Hail Our Heroes,” will honor those who sacrificed for Uganda’s freedom, with President Yoweri Museveni serving as the guest of honor.

Following Minister Kaboyo’s announcement, Mr. Kiggundu from the Veterans Verification Committee detailed the rigorous process undertaken to verify beneficiaries.

 The committee,  worked diligently to ensure that all eligible veterans receive their due recognition and support.

Michael Jjingo, General Manager of Commercial Banking at Centenary Bank, explained the bank’s role in disbursing the funds. 

“We have opened accounts for verified veterans, mobilizing them through veteran leaders to ensure they receive their funds,” Jingo stated. 

According to Jjingo, the bank uses a verification process involving national identity cards and certification from the verification committee to confirm eligibility.

Jjingo assured that beneficiaries have 90 days to access their funds, after which a reconciliation report is sent to the Office of the Prime Minister. In cases where beneficiaries pass away before collecting their funds, the money is returned to the Prime Minister’s office for subsequent disbursement.

Later, Minister Kaboyo, Mr. Kiggundu, and Mr. Jjingo unveiled a symbolic cheque representing the funds to be disbursed gesturing the official release of the funds, bringing relief and recognition to Uganda’s civilian veterans for their invaluable contributions during a critical period in the nation’s history. an accessible web community

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