Minister Kahinda Otafiire Honored With Cuban Friendship Medal For Decades Of Diplomatic Excellence

Minister Kahinda Otafiire Honored With Cuban Friendship Medal For Decades Of Diplomatic Excellence

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Republic of Cuba has honored the Minister of Internal Affairs, Kahinda Otafiire, with the prestigious Friendship Medal, acknowledging his remarkable contribution in fostering, consolidating the long-standing ties of friendship and solidarity between Cuba and Uganda.

The Cuban Ambassador, H.E. Mrs Tania Perez, presented the distinguished medal to Kahinda Otafiire in a brief ceremony held in his office in Kampala.

Over the years, Otafiire who is also a retired army officer and elected Member of Parliament for Ruhinda County, has played a pivotal role in fostering diplomatic relations and collaboration between the two nations, earning him recognition on an international scale.

The Friendship Medal not only symbolizes Otafiire’s personal achievements but also represents the lasting connection between the people of Cuba and Uganda.

It also serves as a tangible representation of the shared values and commitment to collaboration between the two nations.

About The Friendship Medal

The Friendship Medal (la Medalla de la Amistad) is conferred by the Council of State of Cuba on foreigners for their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, or who have contributed to peace and the progress of humankind.

The medal is gold colored with the word “Amistad” (Friendship) in the center (with a single star above the writing). It is surrounded by a garland wreath. The medal hangs on a ribbon of vertical red, white and blue stripes.

The Flourishing Uganda-Cuba Relations Since 1970s.

Diplomatic relations between Uganda and Cuba date back to the 1970s, encompassing political, economic, and cultural exchanges. The foundation of this solid relationship was laid during the Cold War era when Cuba, led Fidel Alejandro Castro supported various African nations, including Uganda in their struggles for independence and against apartheid.

In the healthcare sector, Cuba has been actively assisting Uganda by sending medical professionals to address healthcare challenges. This collaboration involves the exchange of expertise, training programs, and Cuban support in Uganda’s healthcare infrastructure development.

The bilateral relations between Uganda and Cuba have flourished through economic cooperation, trade agreements, and educational exchanges and the Friendship Medal awarded to Kahinda Otafiire, as mentioned above, signifies the commitment to strengthening ties between the two nations.

On several occasions, the president of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has commended Cuba’s role in the anti-imperialism struggle, singling out the country’s former leader Fidel Castro’s contribution to Uganda and Africa at large.

“I salute the heroic role of the Cuban People and Party in the anti-Imperialist struggle, especially your role in Angola,” President Museveni said in his speech that was delivered by Vice President Jessica Alupo at the summit in September 2023 in Havana, Cuba.

The President also commended the Cuban government for Cuba doctors who helped Uganda to start the now famous Mbarara University of Science and Technology with four of its first five members of staff coming from Havana.

Cuba has a reputation for having a strong healthcare system, and Uganda has benefited from Cuban medical expertise with several Ugandan students having received scholarships to study in Cuba, particularly in the field of medicine. an accessible web community

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