MP Alex Ruhunda, NWSC Launch UGX 665B Water Supply Extension Project In Fort Portal City

MP Alex Ruhunda, NWSC Launch UGX 665B Water Supply Extension Project In Fort Portal City

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Fort Portal: Fort Portal tourism City, one of the rapidly growing new cities in Uganda has a demand of water supply of 13 million liters per day. However, National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (NWSC) supply capacity is only 4 million liters, leaving a deficit of 9 million liters per day. This, in a rapidly growing urban population in Fort Portal could put the lives of hundreds at greater risk, especially diseases caused by lack of good water and sanitation.

Last Friday, the area MP Hon. Alex Ruhunda aka #Nikisoboka and NWSC in conjunction with Francaise de Development (AFD) launched a comprehensive feasibility study aimed at revamping the water supply and sanitation systems in order to address the above mentioned gaps.

The project, will also cover other cities including Hoima and Lira and the feasibility study is estimated to last 13 months, before the actual implementation begins.

The project is a joint venture between ADF and Government of Uganda through NWSC where the French donor has extended a loan facility of Euros 150m and NWSC Euros 15m.

While launching the project at Fort View Hotel in Fort Portal last Friday, AFD’s head of project Olivier Pannitier revealed that in the feasibility study they hope to come up with a modern, cost effective pre-design model for sewage system and water supply that will cover the whole city and neighboring areas which will also cater for future expansion plans,like cutting roads while passing sewage pipe lines. He also revealed that they had already started in the other two cities Hoima and Lira and that engagements had already started.

Hon. Ruhunda in his appreciation message for the project emphasized the NWSC staff at Fort portal to work hard and efficiently in order to realize the positive results.

“Now that we have a new area manager, I hope there is going to be value for money and serious work. You see, if we want to move things, we must employ qualified personnel, not jockers like I have been seeing,” he said.

The function was also graced by other key area leaders including; Asaba Ruyonga (Mayor Fort Portal), RCC Fort Portal and area councilors.

Others include Eng.Kamanyi (Senior Manager Infrastructure and Development, Ian Banafaki (project Engineer), Grace Nayebare Project Engineer, Eng. Geoffrey Kasirikale (project manager) among others.

After the study, the implementation will take about 5 yrs to be complete, that’s according to NWSC project manager Eng. Geoffrey Kasirikale.  

Addressing the media recently, NWSC managing director Eng. Silver Mugsha pointed out the inadequate sewer network coverage and the declining efficiency of existing water supply systems hinder their supply efficiency as NWSC.  

He also highlighted specific issues in Fort Portal, where the River Mpanga’s water quality is compromised, and in Hoima, where groundwater sources are proving unreliable and insufficient.

Spanning 13 months from February 2024 to February 2025, this consultancy phase is a critical step towards addressing long-standing water supply challenges in these cities.

Dr. Mugisha urged the consultants to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of their services, reiterating NWSC’s commitment to stabilizing water supply in the affected areas.

The project is part of a broader initiative by NWSC, with similar efforts underway in Mbarara, Tororo, Masaka, Jinja, and Moroto.

About NWSC

NWSC was formed by a Decree No. 34 in 1972 to serve the urban areas of Kampala, Entebbe, and Jinja.

In 1995, NWSC was re-organized under the NWSC Statute. The company was given more authority and autonomy and the mandate to operate and provide water and sewerage services in areas entrusted to it, on a sound commercial and viable basis.

Below Is The Pictorial During The Launch an accessible web community

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