Mubende: Police Recovers Abducted 3-Month-Old Baby Boy

Mubende: Police Recovers Abducted 3-Month-Old Baby Boy

By Spy Uganda

The territorial police in Mubende have successfully recovered a 3-month-old baby boy who had allegedly been kidnapped. The victim, (name withheld), is the son of Magezi Aaron and Nakityo Rose, residents of Kikona Cell, Kirungi Ward, South Division in Mubende Municipality, Mubende District.

According to preliminary reports, the incident occurred on 23rd July 2023, around 1030hrs when Nakityo Rose, the mother of the victim, briefly left her child alone in the house to fetch water from the stream. Upon her return, she discovered that her child was missing. She immediately contacted her husband, who had gone to work, and together, they searched for their child to no avail.

The Wamala Region Police Spokesperson SP Kawala Racheal says upon receiving the information, their task team initiated a search for the missing child. All surrounding houses were thoroughly searched, but there was no sign of the baby. Valuable information from children playing nearby led them a person seen carrying a child while wearing a cap.

”Following this lead, our officers traced the same route and discovered the abandoned child in the bushes near Nakatogo Vadesi’s shrine, approximately 200 meters away. Thankfully, the child was found alive,” says Kawala adding,”As part of our ongoing investigation, we have apprehended four suspects to assist in the case, and our efforts to identify and apprehend any additional suspects continue.”

Kawala notes, ”We strongly denounce this act of kidnapping and urge parents and guardians to be vigilant, refraining from leaving their children unattended. The safety and protection of our children are of utmost importance.”

She says a case of child kidnapping has been opened, and inquiries are still underway to ensure justice is served. an accessible web community

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