Mukono: Man Kills Wife & Son After Being Asked To Provide Basic Needs For Them

By Spy Uganda

The Territorial Police in KMP East and Mukono Divisional Headquarters, have a one Nabasa Dan, a 35-year-old, self-employed worker, in connection with the alleged double murder of his wife, Nakamoga Rashida and their baby boy, Gumikiriza Dan. This occurred on the night of 25.03.2022, at Nyakiya zone, Sonde – Goma Division.

The suspect, due to pressure from the victim’s family for not providing basic necessities for his wife and son, was forced to invite them to Mukono during this month.

Police says that even in Mukono, he failed to provide for them and continued to starve his family which led to a domestic conflict, that culminated in the murder of both his wife and son. At the scene, the police found the body of the mother with no skirt and knickers but dressed in a yellow vest and black bra.

“There was blood coming from the nose and mouth. Alongside her body, at about 6 feet, we recovered her black and white dotted skirt and baby sheets. Upon further search, the body of her baby boy was found lying in the bush, in a pink baby T-shirt with blue shorts. The baby had injuries to the head. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family members following the double loss,” says Police.

In a separate development, the police at Seeta also has a suspect identified as Butele Nelson, a 30-year-old, casual labourer of Jogo zone, in custody, for the suspected murder of Nakakawa Christine, a 28-year-old, businessman of Jogo zone, Misindye ward, Goma division, in Mukono district.

The victim left her home on 23.03.2022, at around 7pm, to go and buy soya beans for her business, at the trading centre. But she did not return home. The following morning her body was found with stab wounds, near her home and her mobile phone missing.

As a result, the police canine was introduced to the scene where it led detectives to the home of Butele Nelson, who was arrested. Police says suspect and others still large, first strangled the victim with a rope and then stabbed her on the right side of the head with a sharp object. an accessible web community

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