Museveni Ignores Baryamureeba, Re-instates ‘Fired’ Balunywa Principal MUBS!

Museveni Ignores Baryamureeba, Re-instates ‘Fired’ Balunywa Principal MUBS!

By Ronaldo Kalangi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has used his presidential powers and re-appointed Prof. Wasswa Balunywa as the Principal Makerere University Business School (MUBS), after the council had rejected him following the expiry of his contract on May 26th.

The University council led by Prof.Vanensius Baryamureeba had appointed Prof. Moses Muhwezi who has been deputizing Balunywa and has worked at the institution for the last two decades.

In his letter dated May 28th, president Museveni directed the Minister of Education Janet Kataha to immediately re-appoint Prof. Balunywa as the substantive Principal for another term.

Museveni’s letter to Educ.minister Janet.

“I’m writing to direct you to re-appoint Professor Wasswa Balunywa as the Principal of Makerere University Business School  (MUBS) for another term on the expiry of this one” Museveni’s letter read in part.

Professor Balunywa’s re-appointment clears the battle ground between him and Professor Vanesius Baryamureeba, the MUBS Council Chairman, with whom there has been a sharp fall out over who supervises the other.

While Education Minister Janet Museveni had instructed the Education Service Commission to start on the process of installing a new Principle, President Museveni seemed to have had enough of the squabbles stirred by Baryamureeba.

“One of the obstacles that have wasted our time is a disoriented pro-imperialism academia. Balunywa has been on the liberation side ideology in addition to being an active administrator. His institution has been free of strikes, I have never found him averse of advice the times I have interacted with him”, read part of Museveni’s letter to Education minister Janet Museveni. an accessible web community

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