Museveni opens the East African Legislative Assembly sitting at Parliament

Museveni opens the East African Legislative Assembly sitting at Parliament

By Peter Ssebulime

President Yoweri Museveni today opened the third meeting of the fifth session of the second East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in Parliament of.

In his speech laced with historical anecdotes, President Museveni called for the political integration of the region terming it inevitable and the most rational vehicle for strengthening the regional economic block.

President Yoweri Museveni also emphasized the need of unity in the East African Community.

While addressing the fourth sitting of EALA at parliament, the president said the community should focus more on integrating member states so that people can archive prosperity in wealth.

He says political fates and fighting for positions in the community will not benefit citizens of member states.


In the his speech, the president welcomed South Sudan which recently joined the community.

“I am elated that Burundi and Rwanda also joined the EAC and we are forward moving together” President Museveni said. The President said the re-establishment of the EAC was incomplete without the entry of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, whom he termed part of the colonial trading area that is the EAC we have today.   “On the contrary, the Europeans did not invent the phenomenal trading area that is East Africa today but we have always had a common historical destiny that included both Congo and South Sudan,” the President added.

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The President giving his speech at partliament

Museveni who has been addressing the EALA, said that for a strong integration of EAC, there should be a strategic Security to protect its population.

He says E.Africa of Africa at large must stop seeking foreign assistance to solve African problems which has lead some world leaders like Trump nick name Africa.

Meanwhile he has also called on member states to develop ability of managing and reserving natural resources for the future.

He adds that if East Africa or Africa was unity in the early 80’s Uganda or Rwanda couldn’t experience Amin error or Genocide.

Museveni has also further called for more integration in security to cab the current insecurity in Burundi and south Sudan.

In his speech, the President praised the  American president Donald Trump who recently termed Africa as a weak continent. an accessible web community

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