”My Father Couldn’t Have Afforded Kampala Parents Fees, Thanks To Rajiv For Giving Me A Scholarship”- Rapper Felista

”My Father Couldn’t Have Afforded Kampala Parents Fees, Thanks To Rajiv For Giving Me A Scholarship”- Rapper Felista

By Spy Uganda

Youngest rapper, Nanyanzi Faith aka Felister Di Superstar, who last year concluded her Primary level at Kampala Parents School (KPS) with a super 2nd grade of 13 aggregates has praised the Ruparelia Foundation and its directors specifically Rajiv Ruparelia for giving her a scholarship.

Felista says she is among the few Ugandan artists who have gained heavily from banging music noting that if it wasn’t for her talent, she couldn’t have studied in world-class schools like Kampala Parents.

”One will say Felista has not yet gained from the music industry just because I don’t have a car, a good home, and so forth… But to me, I have so far gained a lot from this industry. I managed to complete my primary level for free in one of the best schools in Uganda that is Kampala Parents’ School. Thx to The Ruparelia Foundation and Mr. Rajiv for making it happen. Due to my talent, I managed to scoop a full bursary at Kisaasi College School from S1 to S6 thx to Papa Latif Ssebagala Sengendo. If I sum up all the costs, am pretty sure my dad couldn’t afford them because they are too heavy for him. Thx Allah for my talent and my fans” inked Felista on her social media handles.


Felista started her journey at KPS in 2020 and when she was being given a scholarship, Rajiv said that education is not about learning in the books, education is about learning about life skills that will help you when you are old.

About Kampala Parents School


Kampala Parents’ school is on an international level but follows a local curriculum situated along the Lugogo bypass and has an enrollment of over 2500 pupils with 118 well-trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members with pupils coming from all over the world.

The school has been and will continue to be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered under its mission “to facilitate first-class education and civilization to children within and from outside Uganda with the hope that there will be a better community tomorrow“.

The school anthem clearly indicates that children, teachers and parents of Kampala Parents’ School glorify the lord and their prayers ascend on high to achieve school goals and aspirations.


Kampala Parents’ School is a great school with world-class facilities required by pupils to excel academically as well as promote their mental and physical growth.

The school’s academic performance is at a world-class standard because of the well-trained staff members who are talented in handling and disciplining pupils a key to success as witnessed by the good academic performance for many continuous years.

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