In the letter seen by our spy, the above forced Minister Mayanja to write to the president seeking guidance over same land claiming that he was instructed by his senior Judith Nabakooba, something Nabakooba has vehemently rubbished.

Mayanja’s letter to the president reads, “Cabinet took a decision in Minute 131 (CT2017) to repossess Naguru land and terminated the contract with Opec Prime. Upon re-entry of Naguru land by government, the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) as per its mandate and in accordance with your directive has been in the process of allocating the land at Naguru to eligible investors.

Your Excellency, The Uganda Land Commission finalized the process of implementing the presidential and cabinet directive of land at Naguru between February 9-12, 2021.

When site visits to the land were done, it was established that Roko had only built a slab on 1.7 acres. Roko had subcontracted M/S Multi Consult to build town houses on 1 acre of the land.”

Now, The Gist Of The Matter Is Below; Mayanja Lies To The President, “In light of the above, in all humility, I implore you to give green light to conclude all the process. The faster we get this issue of Naguru land out of the way, the better in order to pave way for development of the Eco-Satellite city as well as getting rid of mushrooming illegal constructions. This was on the instructions of the senior Minister (Hon. Judith Nabakooba) who is currently out of the country on official duties.”

In response to Mayanja’s lies, Nabakooba has told our reporter thus; “My instructions are always on record, I don’t give verbal instructions. How can I give instructions when I don’t even know any of the applicants? I don’t know those people, I don’t handle that matter. That letter on Naguru-Nakawa land was written in my absence as I had travelled out of the country, and I don’t remember instructing anybody to write to the president on my behalf”.

She furiously added “I don’t instruct other people to write to the president on my behalf, I write my letters. I don’t remember telling anybody to the president, something must be wrong somewhere”.