Nabakooba Commissions USMID-AF Project Road Works In Lugazi Municipality, Cautions Leaders On Maintenance

Nabakooba Commissions USMID-AF Project Road Works In Lugazi Municipality, Cautions Leaders On Maintenance

By Spy Uganda

Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba has commissioned the ground breaking of civil works in Lugazi Municipality under the USMID program.

USMID program is premised on the need to uplift Municipalities through improved urban infrastructure and institutional strengthening; to leave them better than they were before. It is also avery competitive program which every urban centre in the country wishes to be part of.

Nabakooba who was in the company of Minister of State office of the Vice President, Diana Mutasingwa on January 27 said roads are a tool that foster and drive the country to achieving the middle income status.

The 2.5km road contract in the first batch that was awarded to M/S Sterling Civil Engineering Limited valued at Ugx11.88billion is expected to be completed in 12months.

“The roads I have passed through like Kinyoro road, Kulubya road, Nabugabo close and Nabugabo road and the three market streets are good. President Museveni has done a good job,these roads weren’t like this before,” she said.

Nabakooba cautioned the leaders to be focused and not look at the development as a government project. She tasked them to own the project and look after it.

“Make yourself accountable for the development and put measures in place to punish people who spoil these establishments. Maintenance is key, the project will end and we hand it over to you but you have to show willingness to maintain and repair what has been put under your care,” she said.

The Minister noted that one of the challenges of urban development today is Solid Waste Management and said her ministry is aware of the amounts of waste collected in Lugazi Municipality and it is a lot.

She tasked the municipal officials to work closely with her technical team, to successfully implement the solid waste strategies that have been developed for them, so that they embrace a mindset change towards waste of all kinds.

She noted, “What stalls service delivery most times is lack of a common ground. This is not good but when you have a single voice, services are easier to get to you. Working together as leaders without segregating in terms of political parties, race or religion is beneficial.”

Nabakooba requested leaders to teach the youth about the beauty of the different government projects so as to benefit from them. She said the government gives out services because NRM is in leadership so all leaders should work with the incumbent government so that services can get to the people so that they know that leaders are delivering on their mandate.

“I thank the mayor for working with the government to ensure people get services. This will bring unity among our people and they will know that elections ended and it’s now time to work for the betterment of us all.” she added: “I also want to commend the Town Clerk and his team for putting up such a great and committed supervision team. I am glad to inform you that in the last performance assessment carried out to inform funds allocation to Program Local Governments for FY 2021/22, Lugazi Municipality performed well by meeting the minimum conditions and scoring highly which led to allocation of ugx18.0 Billion.”

Mr Joseph Sebudde, the Town Clerk Lugazi Municipality thanked the government for USMID funds. He said the work is of good quality and they are monitoring it to ensure value for money. “Alongside the roadworks, we have streetlights and 203 solar lights installed along the highway which have enhanced the security of Lugazi.”

Lugazi Mayor JB Aseya said the history of Lugazi isrich having transformed from a town council to now a Municipality. He said Lugazi is an area of several business investors and they are here to give services to the people such that they feel them from the grassroots.

Lugazi Municipality MP Stephen Serubula also underscored the role of roads in development. He said that the town still has challenges in other roads within and cautioned locals on maintenance.

He noted, “As government hands over such infrastructures, let us carry out our responsibility to maintain and safeguard them. Our Mabira highway is a hub of accidents. We request you Hon Minister, to look into it such that we save the many lives that are always lost from here.”

Present at the function were Buikwe LCV Jimmy Kanaabi,the RDC Jenny Frances Kanaabi, Buikwe District Woman MP Daiana Mutasingwa and officials from the Lands Ministry.Together with 7 other Municipalities of Mubende, Kasese, Ntungamo, Apac, Kitgum, Lugazi,and Busia, Lugazi is the newest entrant into the USMID program. an accessible web community

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