Navigation In Suez Canal Resumes Amidst Billions Of Losses Following Days Of Suspension

Navigation In Suez Canal Resumes Amidst Billions Of Losses Following Days Of Suspension

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Cairo: Egyptian authorities announced on Monday officially restoring navigation at the Suez Canal after they managed to release the mammoth ‘ever given’ ship that has been stuck in the vital waterway for six days.

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There are hundreds of vessels awaiting entry thus far, including oil tankers as the ship had diagonally blocked the canal.

Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority confirmed earlier on Monday that the stranded vessel was successfully refloated in the canal. The ship started sailing toward ‘the bitter lakes’ for inspection.

Presidential advisor Mohab Mamish said Monday that working hours at the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) will be doubled to allow awaiting ships to cross the canal.

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Mamish, aid for SCA and marine port projects, said that ‘ever given’ will be fully examined to make sure it is sound and able to navigate its way.

All the while, Mamish said, the SCA will make way for other ships to cross.

Questions were raised about which party would be responsible for the compensation.

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Mohamed Mahran, vice chairman of Allianz Egypt, told Al-Arabiya last week that the SCA usually asks for a compensation from the ship owner in such incidents.

He added that the ship owner will likely ask for the compensation from the insurance company responsible for the ship, which is UK P&I Club.

Mahran said the SCA authorities will likely not pay compensation in such case as it has no obligation to pay compensation for the ships harmed while passing through it. an accessible web community

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