NBS TV’s Mildred Tuhaise Spotted Breaking ‘Baddest’ Dance Strokes In Bukoto Night Spot, Leaves Men Pocketing!

NBS TV’s Mildred Tuhaise Spotted Breaking ‘Baddest’ Dance Strokes In Bukoto Night Spot, Leaves Men Pocketing!

By Spy Uganda

Mildred Amooti Tuhaise, popular media roundtable show host, news anchor and news at Naguru based NBS Television, was last night spotted breaking baddest dance strokes at The Villas night club, former Cayenne, next to Kabira county Club Bukoto.

That wasn’t bad atall, but what was bad was to leave all men around her pocketing, as if they had stolen the bar’s empty bottles! “Guys could stair at the bootylicious, curvy NBS ambassador wiggle like there was no tomorrow, alooo,” one on looker whispered to our spy who was strategically positioned to take note of every happening.

Our spy, who was part of her inner circle while dancing the night away, couldn’t verify verify which tribe of liquor 🥃 Mildred was taking, since every tribe that was placed on her table was ‘good to go’!

But all the liquor taken can be measured in gallons, atleast not litres, our spy added.


Mildred,who was in company of a group of male and female friends was later joined by her former workmate and now Speaker Anita Among’s mouth piece,Joseph Sabiti,but who couldn’t match the dancing strokes of Omukama Kabalega’s grand child. Tuhaise danced for over six hours non-stop. Our spy who found her on stage around 9pm, left the spot at 2am and still left Tuhaise on stage! Her strokes had a mixture of Zaiko Langa Langa, Kofi Olomide, Zex Bilangi Langi, Papa Wemba, Winnie Nwagi, Sheebah and late Paul Kafeero! Had to copy her, isn’t it?!🤣

In 2006, Tuhaise began her career in the media as a voice-over in adverts, and news reading at Top TV (2008-2012). She then moved on to WBS TV as a news anchor (2012-2015), and in April 2015, she joined NBS TV where she does news anchoring (NBS at One), talk show host (Morning Breeze and Media Round Table) and sometimes as a news reporter.

Below Are Some Of Her Pics Having Fan At The Villa Bukoto


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