Netizens Fume At Minister Anite For Withdrawing Ambulance After Electoral Defeat

Netizens Fume At Minister Anite For Withdrawing Ambulance After Electoral Defeat

By Spy Uganda

Uganda’s Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization Anite Evelyn has bragged how she took back the ambulance she had donated to electorates in 2021.

The politician had vied for a parliamentary position in Koboko District and lost to her opponent, despite donating an ambulance in the district.

What sparked the conversation Tuesday was an X post by Africa Facts Zone, that indicated she took back the ambulance.

“Ugandan Politician, Evelyn Anite took back an ambulance she donated to her district, after losing an election in 2021,” the X post read.

In her response, possibly by defending herself from attacks on Social Media, Evelyn admitted to having taken back the ambulance, saying she was proud of what she did then.
Ugandan Politician, Evelyn Anite
Ugandan Politician, Evelyn Anite

 “I actually did it, and I am very proud of my action. Once they said go away, I packed all my belongings and left them, now I hear people crying as if I was the first one to call it quits. The Bible says the wage of sin is death,” she said in her response to the X post.

In another separate post, Evelyn stated that she has no apology for taking back the gift from her district because, after all, they did not vote for her.

“Thank you for bringing this up. First, it’s true I took back my ambulance and I have no apologies for that. Why did I do it? It’s because they didn’t vote for me. So did you expect me to walk away with nothing? Galatians 6:7,” she said.

“A man reaps what he sows.”

She also revealed that she later sold the ambulance

In addition, the politician stated that she had gone through pain after losing the elections, and said what the electorates did to her wasn’t a good deed.

“My dear you are not even feeling the pain I went through after losing elections. What makes you think what they did to me was good and what I did was bad?  Feel the pain I felt that day,” she stated in a separate post.

“Like seriously why would you vote out someone who has given you ambulance?” she added.

The politician further stated that she had bought the ambulance with her own personal savings, and not public funds.

Her comments received love and hate in equal measures X users were confused and others used the post as a source of entertainment. an accessible web community

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