Newly Appointed Minister Balaam Barugahara Pledges To Combat Youths Unemployment, Teenage Pregnancy After His Vetting

Newly Appointed Minister Balaam Barugahara Pledges To Combat Youths Unemployment, Teenage Pregnancy After His Vetting

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Newly appointed State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi has pledged to combat teenage pregnancy and youths unemployment as some of key issues under his docket.

Balaam made the comments shortly after his vetting by Parliament’s Appointments Committee emphasizing that his mission is transform the lives of Ugandan youths to socially and economically.

“I am not in Cabinet to recruit the youths for the MK Project, already the MK Project has over 21 million young people and MK or PLU as you may call it, we aren’t a political party. We are a civic organization that is aimed at patriotism, spreading love for the country. It is a very civic organization where I encourage each one of you to join so my being appointed Minister, I have come to fix and address challenges affecting young people,” Balaam said.

“Like I recently stated, the mission is partly to socially and economically better the lives of the Ugandan youth as well as improve their health and that of the children in Uganda” he added.

Balaam has also pledged to work hand in hand with relevant authorities to secure the release of National Unity Platform (NUP) youths who were imprisoned on political grounds noting that a group of NUP youths wrote to him, requesting his intervention in securing the release of their fellow members when NUP leadership failed to support them.

After being vetted, Balaam applauded the speaker and all the other members of the committee for professionally handling this exercise.

”Special appreciation to you, Rt. Hon. Anitah Among, the Speaker of Parliament and other honorable members of the Appointments Committee for the generosity and thoughtfulness, exhibited this morning during my vetting as the youth and children’s minister” Balaam said.

Balaam’s appointment as minister was announced last week as President Museveni made a mini reshuffle that saw Balaam replacing Sarah Mateke who has since been named state minister for security.

The Appointments Committee also vetted other recently appointed ministers including; Kitgum Woman MP, Lillian Aber as the Minister of State for relief, disaster preparedness, and refugees, replacing Esther Anyakun, and Phiona Nyamutoro, the National Female Youth MP as the Minister of State for minerals, Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi as the minister for trade, among others. an accessible web community

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