No-Nonsense CID Boss Magambo Transfers All ‘Bulky’ Detectives Out Of Kampala

No-Nonsense CID Boss Magambo Transfers All ‘Bulky’ Detectives Out Of Kampala

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: AIGP Major Tom Magambo, the director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) has made some reshuffles in the directorate kicking all detectives out of Kampala.

According to the directive to all Regional Police Commanders and Divisional Police Commanders in Kampala Metropolitan Area, 47 detectives at the rank of inspectorate and 355 at other ranks have been replaced and transferred outside Kampala

In the news transfers,  all new detectives from upcountry stations have been brought to Kampala a move sources revealed is meant to fight corruption and reduce the current escalating crimes in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

According to sources, many cases have failed to get investigated to their conclusion, especially in Kampala because the investigating officers have overstayed at the stations with some being accused of sitting on files after being bribed.

The Police annual crime report has over the years indicated that a number of cases are reported but not investigated despite the force having enough evidence to prosecute suspects.

Since being appointed, AIGP Maj Tom Magambo has emphasized the training of detectives and this has seen all heads of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, deputy directors, heads of department, and regional CID officers taken for refresher courses.

Also, several mid-level CID commanders have undergone training as AIGP Magambo seeks to streamline how they do their work.

The CID director has also made several changes in the directorate by removing older detectives and reverting them to general police but also replaced by younger blood.

President Museveni has on many occasions openly accused CID officers of being corrupt thus delaying, closing cases and covering up injustices by individuals.

“The problem has been that the CIDs are either corrupted or bribed to suppress the information. So there has been mainly corruption and lack of patriotism where CIDs are not bothered about the suffering of the people and are influenced by money,” Museveni said in August during the closure of a six-week leadership and ideological for senior regional CID officers. an accessible web community

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