Nobert Mao’s Home Coming Event To Swallow A Budget Of Ugx700m-Organizers

Nobert Mao’s Home Coming Event To Swallow A Budget Of Ugx700m-Organizers

By Spy Uganda

The organizing committee of Minister of Justice dubbed DP President Nobert Mao’s Home Coming event scheduled for 22nd July 2023 held the 1st planning meeting at Lubowa Residence on the 28th June 2023 where the Minister revealed ‘secrets’ behind this event.

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In the meeting that was chaired by Francis Gimara, Mao revealed that the function will be anchored on:
1) Positioning a new conversation that focuses on giving cooperation and neutral agreements a chance to reduce political pressure in the country that has potential to cause violence.
2) Unification of the greater North and a clear message that Northern Uganda still Needs intervention
3) Repositioning the person of Nobert Mao as a unifier of different political shades
4) A need to balance the forces and demonstrate the clear intention of cooperation in  building bridges
5) It has to be a show of force and a platform to send a clear message to the masses and reassure them that the focus is not lost.

In the same meeting, the committee members led by NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong and DP Vice President Fred Mukasa Mbidde drafted a budget for the same amounting to shs 700,000,000/= .

Going forward, the co-chairman organizing committee Hon Mbidde says they will have a coordinator’s meeting at DP Headquarters on Balintuma Rd on July 3rd with an aim of bringing them together to discuss their roles, expectations, and coordinate further logistical arrangements.

On July 4th they will conduct a press conference to unveil the strategic committee which will provide valuable input under the overall guidance and direction of the DP Management Committee.

Further, on July 5 there will be a management committee meeting, which is a subcommittee of the National Executive Committee of the Democratic Party. This meeting will address key decisions and operational aspects of the event.

”Overall, progress has been made towards ensuring a well-coordinated and successful Hon Norbert Mao’s Homecoming Celebrations. We are committed to delivering a memorable and impactful event that showcases the party’s values and achievements including our cooperation with the National Resistance Movement,” says Mukasa Mbidde. an accessible web community

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