North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Executes Minister For Ignoring His Video Calls

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Executes Minister For Ignoring His Video Calls an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Kim Jong-un has executed a North Korean government official after his department failed to hold enough video calls and complained about workloads, it has been claimed.

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The unnamed high-ranking education minister was reportedly sentenced to death by President Kim following an investigation into why his department was failing to make satisfactory progress.

A report on the findings of the probe into the Ministry of Higher Education, conducted by the Organisation and Guidance Department (ODG), was seen by Daily NRK.

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It claimed not enough was being done to properly “implement the Distance Education Act”, the news outlet reported.

The report said: “The OGD conducted an investigation because the commission failed to make any progress and because some had criticized the government’s policies.”

The allegations also reportedly included department members having “complained at every meeting” about their work, with others questioning the lack of resources provided by the state.

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Inspectors are also said to have highlighted the slow pace in implementing “the distance learning policy”, which was deemed to be progressing badly.

Following the death of the minister, the new commission has been “reorganized” under Ri Guk Chol, president of Kim Il Sung University, the report adds.

Among new measures, “they plan to do video conference calls on a regular basis”, a source confirmed.

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The execution comes in a long line made by Kim.

Last year he reportedly fed a general to flesh-eating piranhas, while five aides were said to have been killed by firing squad after his 2019 summit with Donald Trump failed to produce a deal.

Earlier this week, Kim was accused of creating a ‘nuke school’, entirely focused on building and weaponizing missiles. an accessible web community

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