NRM Signs Cooperation Agreement With Oyam UPC Councillors

NRM Signs Cooperation Agreement With Oyam UPC Councillors

By Spy Uganda

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has today Friday entered a cooperation agreement with five Oyam district councilors from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) committing to work with the ruling party to serve their population.

The councilors who were received at the NRM headquarters by the Secretary General, Rt.Hon. Richard Todwong included the Iceme sub-county female councilor, Ajok Loy Bless, Aleka’s Ojok Geoffrey Eyep and Ocen Tonny of Iceme Sub County. Others are Doreen Alego, the district female councilor and Denis Okullo who is the district youth chairperson.

In his remarks to the councilors, Todwong said “the memorandum signed today gives the NRM government the morale and zeal to do more work in Oyam district. We are confident that the majority of the population in Oyam are NRM supporters.”

“We believe that your act of coming out openly to work with NRM is a big sign that down on the ground the population identifies with us and you are the reflection of this support,” Mr. Todwong stated.

As he congratulated the group for working with NRM, SG Todwong assured them of President Museveni’s commitment towards improving the livelihoods of the locals in the district by providing markets for their agricultural produce, improving the networks and providing safe drinking water in remaining areas.

“It is true the President during the recent by-election made commitments of returning back to Oyam and I believe he will be there soon to discuss with you leaders on how to improve household incomes,” the ideologue said.

The NRM director of Finance and Administration, Hajjat Medina Naham said the cooperation agreement is a manifestation of the recent party mobilisation drive in Oyam district.

“You are welcome to the winning team (NRM) and feel at home,” Hajjat Medina said, as she implored the councilors to mobilise even more people from the opposition that believe in them back home.

She asked the leaders to be firm pillars of the party and serve locals with honesty and diligence.

Counsel Enoch Barata, the NRM Director of Legal services said that the councilors are currently barred from joining NRM until in the final year of their term of office.

On behalf of the group, Mr. Tonny Ocen said “for now we have entered an agreement and later alone when our term of office with the UPC elapse, automatically we shall be NRM members officially. (Ultram) ”

He added, “We choose to partner with NRM because it holds the future. We know what we are doing and we hope to make everyone understand the good mission and vision of the ruling party.”

The function was witnessed by a member of CEC and Minister of State for Defense and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Huda Oleru. an accessible web community

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