Officer Foils Gun Men’s Bloody Attack On Nakulabye Police Station

Officer Foils Gun Men’s Bloody Attack On Nakulabye Police Station

By Spy Uganda

It seems gun men are not ready to give up on deadly attacks against police stations, another gun attack was registered Wednesday morning after unidentified man approached Nakulabye Police Station with a loaded AK47 rifle deep in the night.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesman, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire says the police guard who was in hiding, saw a gun man approaching the station with the firearm at around 4am and attempted to establish the identity of the person in vain.

Luke says the guard discharged several rounds of bullets to prevent the person from leaving the position which scared him away and abandoned an AK47 rifle which had five bullets.

”We are yet to find and identify the suspect who attempted to attack the police station,” says Luke adding;”The AK47 rifle and the bullets have been exhibited as investigations continue to establish the identity of the firearm.”

Meanwhile, Owoyesigyire commended the guard for being alert and responding to the incident promptly something he says should be emulated by other officers specially those on night duty.

Not First Incident

On 14th November 2022, gun men attacked Kensington police post in the affluent Kyanja, a Kampala city suburb and fired two rounds shattering the window panes of the police post.

Owoyesigyire then said that none of the officers was injured in the attack.

“We have not registered any injury or death in the shooting because our officers were alert and they responded well by chasing them,” he said.

The attack came almost a fortnight after gunmen attacked Busika police station in Luwero district and killed two police officers, injured two others, and made off with two firearms. One of the injured officers later succumbed to the gunshot wounds.

Security has since blamed the attack on Uganda Forces for Coalition Change, a rebel outfit. Owoyesigyire says that they have enhanced security at all police posts and stations around Kampala as well as pump fuel stations.

The incidents also come against the recent decision by the police leadership to merge several police posts around Kampala, Ssezibwa, and Katonga regions as the force pilots a new policing model which will be based at the sub-county. an accessible web community

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